Mikaela Mayer wants to only fight the best and get paid to do so


    Mikaela Mayer has had a very bright career so far. As an amateur, she reached the pinnacle of amateur boxing and represented the United States in the Olympics.  She was unable to achieve a medal, but the spotlight was thrust upon her and, like a pro, she signed with Top Tank Promotions.  The first fight of her professional career took place on August 5th, 2017 and she has built herself up while maintaining an undefeated career. Mayer won her first world title on Halloween of 2020 when she won a unanimous decision over Poland’s Ewa Brodnicka.

     A world title means so much to the fighters that compete for them but with so many titles out there it’s kind of a cliche thing to obtain.  Many fighters are worried about maintaining an undefeated record and holding as many titles as possible, but for Mayer, her concerns are getting the best fights out there and getting paid to do so.

    “I really don’t care about belts though,” stated Mayer via Twitter. “And I don’t care about my record. I’m here to fight the big fights, belts and record just milk you more money which I’m DOWN for but also fuck it.”

    Mayer continued, “I stand by my last tweet. Fight me. Beat me. It’s gonna be hard but if u do it [fucking] congrats…

    Boxing is entertainment at the end of the day so why are we so caught up on protecting our record. Let’s party. 

    Pay me but let’s party.”