Mike Alvarado Thrilled To Fight At Home, Says Provodnikov Fight Could Be Similar To His Fights With Brandon Rios


    Mike Alvarado has come a long way since his career began in 2004. His career has had many ups and downs and trouble with the law plagued him for some time. Alvarado suffered his first career loss a little over one year ago against Brandon Rios in a battle of two undefeated hard hitting junior welterweights. Alvarado would avenge that loss earlier this year for the WBO interim junior welterweight title (to which he was later elevated to full champion) and is now looking to close the year in a fight that should he win put him in contention for fighter of the year and could be a shoe in for fight of the year against Ruslan Provodnikov.

    Alvarado and Provodnikov will headline the first world title fight to be held in Denver in the last 13 years and to say Alvarado is thrilled about it would be an understatement.

    “This is exciting,” said Alvarado. “It’s a dream come true to defend this title in my hometown and having all of my main supporters here.  It’s a blessing.  Training camp has been great and I’m ready to get in there and do what I always do – win this fight and retain this title and go on to bigger and better things.  I’m excited about it.  At the end of this week everyone is going to see a great performance out of me.”

    When you think about either of these fighters the word “warrior” comes to mind. Both fighters leave it all in the ring so one would assume that the fight would be nothing less than a war. Alvarado knows that if they go toe to toe the entire fight that anyone could win but he will box when he needs to so that he can be the victor.

    “All of our fights have been top-caliber fights.  The anticipation is from the wars that we have been in tells us that this fight has ‘War’ written all over it and there’s a good chance that this fight will turn into that.  I have a good game plan and I know how I’m going to box to win this fight, but you never know, this fight could turn into a crazy war and we could see Rios I all over again. I am not expecting a war because of the way I have been training and how I’ve seasoned as a professional.  I know I am going to stay strong, boxing and focused on my game plan to make the fight go the way I need it to go and not make it a war.  But you never know – that one show could change the fight around.”

    Could Alvarado’s boxing instead of brawling be the difference between victory from defeat?

    “I think it will be the difference.  In my training and I have learned and developed that.  Experimenting with it in my last fight with Rios gave me confidence that I can adjust in a fight.  Sticking to my game plan, keeping the focus and not letting it break into a fight like that is the plan.  Keeping the focus is what I have to do to win this fight. Provodnikov is not used to fighting backwards as well.  There are a lot of different training methods we have used as well for this fight.  Boxing will come in handy and there are other tactics we will use as well.  This fight is going to be very interesting.  I am going to go in there and use what I worked on for this fight.  Boxing is going to definitely be an option, but fighting is a huge option as well.  This is a must-see fight and anything can happen.”

    Going through so many wars can take its toll on a fighter. Punchers who go to war often usually have shorter careers than those who box throughout the entire fight. With the amount of wars that Alvarado has gone through we have yet to see if it has taken its toll on the Colorado native.

    “It hasn’t caught up to me yet.  Being in those kinds of fights has made me that much better as a fighter.  Being in fights like that has helped me adjust into being a better boxer.  Being in wars can take a toll and can catch up to you.  It has helped with my training also.  We have brought in Rudy Hernandez who helped with different training methods and the experience he has been through.  I am still learning and becoming a better boxer that will help in those kinds of wars.”

    Having a plan in the fight game is a must but like Mike Tyson said before, “everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face.” The adjustments that the fighters and their corners make will prove to be the difference in this fight.

    “It’s each fighter and how he adapts to how the other fighter is bringing the fight.  Adjustments are huge at this level and that’s where the corner comes in and gives instructions on how to adjust.  Whoever adjusts best will overcome. I’ve been in these kinds of fights before and I know how they can end up.  I am very strong mentally and very strong-willed.  I’ve been there before and need to use my will to make the fight go my way.  I’m ready to put on a great show and ready to win this fight. I am ready to go and perform and put on a good show and I hope that everybody enjoys it.”