Mike Alvarado: “We Have Different Options in Beating Brandon Rios”

    Mike Alvarado says whether boxing or brawling, he’s beating Brandon Rios

    If you haven’t already heard, the fight between Brandon Rios and Mike Alvarado taking place next week on the undercard of Donaire-Nishioka is being billed as the potential fight of the year.  No matter who you ask, that is the fight all boxing fans are talking about. Mike Alvarado on Tha Boxing Voice Radio show called this fight, “The Super Bowl of Boxing”, in terms of action.

    Alvarado is expecting what we are expecting, but also says he may have some surprises for Rios. “My boxing skills are underrated. I can do whatever I want with him to be honest. I can bang with him if I want. I’m going to come out controlling the fight and fighting at the pace I want. It’s that simple, my abilities will allow me to do so,” Alvarado explained.

    Rios is making one huge step up in weight class taking on a big Jr. Welterweight in Alvarado. While Rios’ weight making problems at lightweight have been well document, Alvarado maintains his discipline. He attributes some of that to being a two time state wrestling champion in Colorado and his dedication to the sport.

    Alvarado recently moved camp from his location in Denver to California. With the high altitude in Denver, one must wonder why, as the high altitude is one many boxer’s used to improve stamina. In a potential war like this one, one must wonder why the change. Alvarado explains, “I just wanted to get away from all the distractions. This is a big fight and I want to be fully prepared and focused. I know some people will wonder if it will have an effect on me, but at the end of the day it won’t and I know what to expect next Saturday.

    What most are expecting is blood, guts, and a Gatti-Wardesque style type of action fight. Although Alvarado expects much of the same, he also wants us to keep in tune for the before mentioned surprises. “If I don’t want to waste time, I’ll come right after him. If I want to box on the outside to keep him at bay, that’s what I’ll do. We have a lot of options in beating Brandon Rios,” stated Alvarado.

    Weight was certainly an issue with Rios in the lightweight division. With the move up at 140 lbs, Alvarado expects a fully healthy and fully prepared Brandon Rios. “I don’t know Brandon Rios and I’ve never met him before this fight. But I’m sure he’s in the gym training hard getting ready for me. I’m doing the same. I’m getting ready for the best Brandon Rios. People will be surprised next week when I show them the best performance I’ve ever had.”