Mike Jimenez: Boxing’s Best Kept Secret


One of boxings best kept secrets is Chicago’s top boxing prospect Mike “Hollywood” Jimenez who put his skills to the test not once but twice this month. Hollywood trains and spars with Chicago great Don “Da Bomb” George and told me what its like to spar with him.”Don is world class, its hard to get the best of him. We are best friends but we beat each other up every time we get but we turn around and act like nothing happened and go back to nothing.” Jimenez continued “I’d say maybe .5 percent out of 100 I sometimes get the best of him. Couple shots here and there but most of the time he is getting the best of me. That is what makes me better, you know, he is world class.”

Jimenez fought February 1st as part of a ESPN Friday Night Fights undercard in the UIC Pavilion. He took on Jordan Brown which ended in a one sided beat down. Then on February 15th in the Horseshoe Casino in Hammond, Indiana, Jimenez was all set to face veteran Michael Walker. I caught up with him before the fight and asked him if he had any predictions for the night. “I’m going to go in the and do my thing, I smell and I’m goin in for the kill. I’m going to take this guy out. I’m thinking an early stoppage definitely not going the full six rounds,” said Jimenez.
Later that night Jimenez entered the arena in true “Hollywood” fashion, instead of through the entrance he made his way through the crowd to the ring. Once he reaches the ring a switch turns on. Jimenez goes from humble, nice guy to a relentless murderer who wants to hurt you and knock you out. In round 1 Walker felt his speed and power so he was afraid to let his hands go but Jimenez worked around his defense, still landing at will. What surprises me is Jimenez’s eye contact, it’s reminiscent to that of Floyd Mayweather, never leaving his target. Jimenez made good on his prediction as the ref stepped in to save Walker from the Hollywood onslaught. Super middleweights everywhere better watch out Mike Jimenez is now 10-0.

For a guy nicknamed “Hollywood” he is very humble. When I asked if he thought he was ready for a title shot Jimenez replied, “Title shot? I’m still working on a lot of things. I’m getting myself better and better everyday, we are in the gym working on things I need to work on. I wouldn’t say right now, if they gave me one I’m taking it. But I’m definitely looking forward to one soon, once I get to that point.”

Jimenez wants to build his career the right way, I respect that. As i am sitting at home watching Sakio Bika fight Nikola Sjekloca, for a WBC final eliminator on HBO, I can’t help but think to myself that Jimenez would give Bika a good fight. I am certain Jimenez will be a champion soon. It’s just a matter of time. Super Middleweights everywhere take notice.

Pictures are provided by Stacy Coultas Photacy Photography. Follow me on twitter @lucasbiggers213.