Mike Jones Gets Upset


    Last night in a fight in which everyone was pretty much being put to sleep with the so distant action had a huge turn of events as Mike Jones began to loosen up after about the six round of cat and mouse with Randal Bailey paying the cat that really wasn’t striking much. Jones began trying to make it a bit more of a fight.


    The commentators were pushing for Jones to show that elite side that we all felt he possessed. It seem Jones was fighting giving far to much respect to the punching power of the 37 year old Randal Bailey who at welterweight had not shown signs of the power he once had at junior welterweight except for his TKO win over Jackson Bonsu in his 1st round stoppage in Belgium 3/19/10. Bailey was looking both gassed and lost in the fight vs. Mike Jones. Jones tall lanky frame making it hard for Bailey to put together much offense. That and the fact that he seemed to have the Sugar Shane Mosley syndrome were he just couldn’t pull the trigger until Randal Bailey, 37, dropped Jones (26-1, 19 KOs) in the 10th with a perfect one two combination were his money making shot the right hand follow behind the initial left jab floored Mike Jones.

    Mike Jones looked more shock then hurt to be hit with the right that in the next round he came out a bit more aggressive looking to make up the last round were he was previously winning until he was hammered with that right.

    Jones came out for 11th round controlling with the jab and working seldom to the body at one point he lunged in to what appeared to be a left hook which left him in close with Bailey Jones almost hovering over Bailey but Bailey slightly duck and then finished him off in the 11th with a crushing right uppercut that sent Jones flat on his back. Jones rose unsteadily on his feet and stumbled back to the canvas several times before referee Tony Weeks stopped it.


    Randal Bailey a proud man happy with the job he was able to do yesterday night Bailey, whose moniker is “The Knockout King,” was emotional in the ring afterward.


    “I take nothing away from Mike Jones,” Bailey said. “I gave it all I got. I got those punches in deep.”


    Jones gave Bailey all the credit as well.


    “I never saw either punch and I couldn’t handle them,” said Jones, who was ahead by four, six and eight points when he got stopped. “He was the better man tonight I’ll be back we have to look at the tape work on some things he was the better man tonight but I’ll be back”


    Randall Bailey (42-7, 36 KOs) won the vacant IBF welterweight title with the devastating TKO of Mike Jones at 2:52 of the 11th round