Mike Reed On Training And Studying At The Same Time, Importance Of Education


    Life is unpredictable just like when you step inside the boxing  ring and that’s why it is important to have alternative plans just in case things are not going your way and that’s why getting an education and preparing yourself for life after boxing or whatever you are doing is very important.

    Mike Reed has has had a fascination with numbers since we was a little kid but it wasn’t until high school when Reed took an accounting class that he found a passion other than boxing that he wished to pursue.

    “I’ve always been good with numbers as far back as I can remember,” said Reed. “Going back to elementary school I was always good with numbers. When I was in the tenth grade my school offered an accounting program. I didn’t know anything about accounting. The only thing I knew was was that it had to do with numbers. I tried it out and I ended up enjoying it. From that moment on I knew that along with boxing I wanted to get my degree in accounting.”

    Pursuing a degree while fighting as a professional boxer is no easy task but through hard work, dedication and sacrifice it is achievable.

    “I had to work on finding time between training and studying. What I did was I decided to take three classes instead of five as a full time student and then I am taking two summer courses. My summer course actually starts tomorrow (May 19th). That’s how I balance it.”

    The course itself is two years and once Reed is certified he plans on building his experience in accounting while boxing.

    Education is very important to Reed and his family. He can be used as an example to younger and older generations alike because he is following his dreams and has other options if he ever decides to go a different route and his message to youth is to stay educated, it is very important.

    “Education is key. Nobody can take education away from you. My dad and my mom both stressed that when I was growing up and I didn’t realize it at the time. Even in high school I didn’t really realize the importance of education when I was a little younger than I am now. I would say education is always important even if you have another dream that doesn’t involve education at least you have education to fall back on because nothing is guaranteed and if you have education, the more options you have the better.”