Mike Tyson Lays The Smackdown On Drunken Clown Aboard Flight


    “Social media made you all way too comfortable with disrespecting people and not getting punched in the face for it.” – Mike Tyson.

    This quote can be followed by another quote, “fuck around and find out!”

    2022 may become the year of of the celebrity smackdown as another well known figure has dished out a form of punishment (unlike what Will Smith did).

    Mike Tyson has come a long way since his days of being labeled the baddest man on the planet. Bad choices and street life seemed to occur often but as he grew older (and wiser) we got Mike Tyson version 2.0. A man that is appreciative of everything God has given him in life and love all around. That does not mean that the beast within Tyson has been laid to rest.

    One unlucky idiot (lets call him Bozo) learned that the hard way today on a flight from San Francisco that was headed towards Florida.

    Bozo was intoxicated and could not resist poking the bear. He was able to get a photo with the hall of famer but that was not enough. Bozo kept yapping to Tyson for a period of time and would not stop despite being warned by Tyson which resulted in Tyson opening a can of whoop-ass on Bozo.

    From the video posted on TMZ it totally looks like Mike was pulling his punches to avoid hurting Bozo significantly (although Bozo’s pride may never recover). Tyson went on about his day while Bozo had to get treated for his stupidity.

    From what has circulated throughout the internet it seems like it was not just words that set Mike off. Apparently there was a water bottle thrown at him as well.

    Bozo will get his 15 minutes of fame for the incident and he will probably sue. It’s a shame that Mike gave into his urges (which will benefit Bozo) but most people would agree what he did was just.