Mikey Garcia: A Rare Breed Not Seen Often In Boxing


    Julio Garcia

    In the past boxing was a tough guy’s sport. If you were a bad man and another fighter felt they were badder then a fight was going to happen one way or another.

    Times have changed and with that so have the fighters. Boxing has become a business. It has become about how much money can one person make without taking that much of a risk. Nowadays an undefeated record seems to mean so much more than being a world champion no matter how padded a record can be.

    Mikey Garcia is not that type of a fighter. He knows how to work the business side of boxing and has done well for himself after splitting from Top Rank. Now when it comes to taking a risk that is something Garcia knows how to do very well and he knows that the greater the risk, the greater the reward and with both comes a greater legacy.

    This Saturday, Garcia will take the biggest risk of his career when he takes on Errol Spence. It is a fight that many in boxing believe that he simply cannot win while others believe that Garcia is a very live underdog. It is a very risky move. It’s a fight that no one else in the welterweight division wanted to take. Those thatexpressed interest all backed out or shut it down (looking at you Keith Thurman lol).

    It’s a nice sight to see when there are many businessmen in the sport that some are willing to take risks to achieve higher goals. This is what a fighter is supposed to be like.