Molina Jr. Expects “Fireworks” Against Broner, Picks Mayweather Over Pacquiao


adrien-broner-vs-john-molina_960In less than a week, boxing comes back to primetime network television for the first time in decades. ThaBoxingVoice was able to ask John Molina Jr. (27-5 22 KOs) a few questions in the lead up to the biggest fight of his career.

Molina faces brash Adrien Broner (29-1 22 KOs) in front of what will likely be the largest television audience either of them has ever experienced in their professional careers. Molina was asked how he felt about fighting on such a big stage. The magnitude certainly has not been lost on Molina.

“It’s a huge platform, it’s great for boxing, boxing is back at the forefront. We’re in ESPN magazine, we’re on every billboard outside with all the buses, we’re loopin’ in Times Square, I mean it’s a huge fight… I’m excited to be part of, and I’m gonna set the bar real high.”

Most experts expect Molina to have his hands full with a talented Broner that seems to be much more focused than he has been in the past. With both fighters aware of the magnitude of the fight, Molina expects them to put on a show. When asked what he was expecting when he meets Broner in the ring Molina had the answer we all want to hear.

“Fireworks. I’m sure Adrien knows the magnitude of this fight, and I’m sure he’s prepared himself well and I did the same, so when you have two world-class athletes in there, prepared themselves well to go to war that’s exactly what you’re gonna get.”

If Molina gets past Broner in front a primetime network television audience in typical “Molina” fashion, his star will continue to rise. With the options that will be available to him and signs that Top Rank’s Bob Arum and Al Haymon might be willing to work together in the future, John was asked if he thought he could see himself in the ring with a Top Rank fighter at some point.

“I think so. I think people read too much into this ‘cold war’ BS… if it makes dollars, it makes sense…. I think they’re gonna put it behind them, the politics, and I think everyone will be able to live in a happy world together.”
Of course ThaBoxingVoice would not let John get away without putting his two-cents in regarding the upcoming Mayweather – Pacquiao super-fight. Molina stuck with what is fast becoming the consensus pick:

“If I’m bettin’ with my own hard earned money I’m gonna go [with] the guy that is number one and that’s Floyd Mayweather.”

You can see John Molina Jr. fight Adrien Broner on primetime television this Saturday, March 7th live on NBC.