Mykal Fox Weary Of Getting Screwed Once Again In A Maestre Rematch


    Almost a full week has gone by and the subject of Mykal Fox getting shafted by the judging from his fight against Gabriel Maestre is still hot.

    News came out quickly that the one of the three judges has a racist past. She had posted several racially insensitive comments on social media and once that came to light she quickly deleted her social media. If that was not bad enough she has very, very close ties with the WBA.

    The WBA launched an investigation into the events that transpired and immediately ordered a rematch to take place between Fox and Maestre. That decision has led Fox to the conclusion that there was no justice delivered and rightfully so. Maestre gets to keep a win and Fox may get shafted once again in the rematch.

    “He gets to keep a win he didn’t earn and I have no guarantee that the same bullshit judging won’t happen a second time,” stated Fox via Twitter. “No justice here. Just pure revenge.”