NBC Fight Night Results: Mchunu Wins Decision


Atlantic City, NJ- The NBC Sports Telecast began with a theme Undertaker song Thabiso Mchuno. Early on in his fight with Olanrewaju Durodola. Coming off his upset victory over Eddie Chambers, Mchunu was supposed to take on Garrett Wilson who pulled out with an injury.

Things picked up in round 2 when Mchunu landing strong and dropped Durodola. Durodola also landed shots of his own giving the crowd at Resorts Casino a reason to ohh and ahh.

Mchunu showed in the early going that he can be a really good cruiser weight even if he may be underside. The speed and ability to get in and out was something that he used to his advantages against his bigger opponent.

In the 4th round when it seemed liked Durodola was finally closing distance, Mchunu snapped Durodola’s head back with a 1-2 counter and an amount of sweat went with it.

The middle rounds were much of the same, Mchunu southpaw style giving Durodola fits and Durodola having no answer as Mchunu seemed content to outbox the bigger man.

As the final bell rang, most of the crowd cheered in excitement that the fight would be over soon. Durodola did the best he could to try and pressure Mchuno to try and win back all the rounds he lost throughout the fight but to no avail as the scores came out 96-93, 97-92, 98-91 for Mchuno.