Negotiations For Matthysse vs. Garcia Hit A Snag But Is Drug Testing The Real Reason?


Lucas Matthysse vs. Danny Garcia is a fight that fans have been waiting for and Matthysse himself has been waiting for a while. Negotiations have been going well until recently until a snag hit the negotiations on anti-doping. In a recent interview Danny Garcia has said that Matthysse’s camp does not want to participate in the testing that Garcia is requesting.

In a recent phone interview with Cuty Barrera, Lucas’ trainer he stated that there was never an issue with the testing. “There is no problem doing anti doping tests on Lucas. We will do whatever. They can pull blood out if they want it’s not an issue. In the last fight we had in Las Vegas they withdrew blood from Lucas. We have no problem doing the testing. USADA and VADA can send anyone here to do the testing. We don’t have anything to hide. We know what we are doing and we are comfortable. We have never had a problem with doping. There is a lack of respect for Argentina that they would ever bring that up.”

The subject arose about the possibility of training in the U.S. even though the previous two times that Matthysse has trained in the U.S. he has lost. “Our set-up is in Argentina. Why should we leave if we are comfortable here. Lucas is not taking any drugs. If he was he would be unable to compete. I think it is just an excuse from the Garcia camp. I think they do not want the fight and they are scared.”

Matthysse is currently training with amateur fighters for a ring return on September 7th. Presumably against Danny Garcia but that still has to be worked out. Soon he will be joined by fighters from all over Argentina to advance his training. “All we were told is that Lucas is fighting on September 7th and to get ready so that is what we are doing,” said Barrera.
Could Matthysse be doping? The Garcia camp might possibly think so or there may be truth to the rumor that the Garcia camp wants to make more money. Apparently the asked for five million dollars for this fight. Or could it be they they are scared and just looking for a way out of fighting “The Machine” in September?


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