Curtis Stevens Is Hungry For A Title


    There are a lot of fighters ducking each other nowadays but you can’t say that about middleweight contender Curtis Stevens. If anything he may be the one being ducked. Stevens is ready and willing to fight anyone who stands between him and a championship. We caught up with Stevens in Brooklyn and he let us know exactly how he feels. “Like I said before anyone of them can get it. Chocolate, Golovkin, Geale, Sergio. I don’t know who else is there? Chavez Jr if he wants it too. Whoever. It’s ain’t up to me no more. As long as I keep winning tell them to send the contract over. They are going to want to fight who they want to fight, you know? Until they run into a power puncher like me in the weight division they haven’t really fought anybody. It is, what it is.”

    The mention of “Kid Chocolate” Peter Quillin through me off a little. Quillin and Stevens are friends but he let us know that even that won’t stop him. “It doesn’t matter to me. He is cool. He’s a good friend but this is business, nothing personal. He’s got the title so he stands in my way. I’m not a Al Haymon fighter I’m a main event fighter. So if it got to go down, it got to go down. Just send the contract and I’m going to sign on the dotted line. Because I got to feed my kids and I got to feed myself. So fuck it, what happens happens.” stated Stevens.

    Recently on ESPN Friday Night Fights there was a middleweight clash between Caleb Truax and Chicago’s Don “Da Bomb” George. Curtis Stevens didn’t hold back his feeling on this fight at all, when asked he replied “My promoter offered George the fight but he was already tied to this fight. Whatever the case was he didn’t want to take it. But Truax he wasn’t nothing special. I’ll dig a hole for him too but he’s isnt even in my range.” Stevens continued “If he was set for number one spot or if he was ranked or for like a interim title, then ok. Naw I want champions.I’ve been off for 2 years. I came back, I’m doing what I’m doing. Showing people I’m ready to shake it up. It’s about time for one of those middleweight champions to put their belt on the line and fight me.”

    On August 3rd, Curtis Stevens will meet up with Saul Roman (37-9) on NBCSports but Stevens raves about his opponent. “I believe he is the only one who was ready to take it. When my promoters was asking people if they wanted to fight me, everyone was saying ‘we will get back’ or ‘we will do this’. Saul Roman was like I’ll sign right now. We like fights like that. People that don’t waste no time, sign on the dotted line. So we can get in there and shake it up and I can take his ass out.” There is no denying Stevens is hungry for a title. Will he get his chance? Only time will tell but one thing is certain win or lose Stevens is entertaining to watch.

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