Nicaraguan Prospect Carlos “Chocorroncito” Buitrago


Carlos “Chocorroncito” Buitrago comes from a fighting family in Nicaragua. His father, Mauricio Buitrago was a professional boxer and is currently a trainer. His brother Julio and his nephew Jairo Rodriguez are also boxers.

Growing up, he idolized Alexis Arguello and began boxing. Buitrago had a great amateur career with 164-8 with 70 KO’s. He turned pro at the age of 15 and has constructed a record of 26 victories with no losses and 16 knockouts. Buitrago has spent most of his career fighting in his native Nicaragua and made his international boxing debut in August of 2011. Since then his promoters, Prodesa and Dream Team have kept him busy and more importantly winning.

Buitrago has all the materials to become a star and Nicaragua’s 11th world champion.  He is one of Nicaragua’s top prospects and at the age of 21. He has youth on his side, the heart of a warrior,  and skills that keep improving. His punches do not pack a tremendous amount of power and he relies more on his boxing skills, great jab, fast hands and quick foot movement have helped him out. Training with Roman “Chocolatito” Gonzalez and former champion Juan Palicios which has helped him build his skill and his confidence.  In a recent interview with Roman Gonzalez, he stated that Buitrago is a great young talent who keeps getting better and better every time he fights. The better the competition, the better he gets. The last piece to the puzzle to this future star is his charisma.

Buitrago has won the WBO Junior World Champion at 105 pounds, Fedecentro championship, WBA and WBO Latino champion. He is ranked in the top five in all the sanctioning bodies and by Ring magazine.

Carlos “Chocorroncito” Buitrago last fought in May; twice actually, winning by KO and by decision.