Nielsen Reports Rios Alvarado 3 Does Great Despite Alvarado’s performance


Mike Alvarado v Brandon Rios III

It was a little bit of a letdown from Mike Alvarado’s side, but the trilogy between him and his rival Brandon Rios was the most watched fight of their three fights.

According to, Rios-Alvarado 3 drew an average audience on HBO Boxing After Darl of 1.252 million viewers for live 1st-time airing. The fight peaked at 1.315 million viewers.

Rios-Alvarado 3 was most-watched fight of the series. The 1st fight which averaged 816k viewers was on the undercard of Donaire-Nishioka in October of 2012. Which Rios won in California by 7th round stoppage, in what was a pick for fight of the year by many media outlets? The 2nd fight had 1.182 million viewers. That fight took place in Las Vegas as the main event in March of 2013. That fight saw Alvarado take a decision in an entertaining fight.

The third fight wasn’t nearly as competitive as the 1st two as rumors swirled around that Alvarado only trained two weeks for the fight. He was arrested for gun possessions just weeks before the fight. Shame because Rios took the fight like it could have been his last even coming to Colorado on his dime weeks before to get accustomed to the altitude.

Much of the fight will be about Alvarado and less about Rios looking like a fighter that didn’t want to retire and making the proper adjustments in camp to further his career. Alvarado has been advised to retire. Credit Rios for pushing Alvarado over the ledge because Alvarado seemed like he never wanted to be in this fight and Rios made sure he wouldn’t

The opener on Rios-Alvarado 3 card — Ramirez vs. Vlasov — averaged 820k viewers, peaked at 946k viewers.