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Welcome back boxing fans, we had a hell of a weekend, filled with conspiracy theories, upsets, and robberies.  There was more intrigue and espionage then in a James Bond flick. The belt burglar finally got a taste of his own medicine, Floyd Mayweather trying to pull a Lindsey Lohan. Nonito Donaire takes testing to a whole new level and Bob Arum goes for an Oscar, and I don’t mean the De la Hoya kind. All this and more on today’s Wire Report.

First off, I have to get something off my chest before anyone misunderstands me. I love the sport of boxing, sometimes so much so that I defend it like it were a family member. Second, whoever watched Saturdays fight between Pacquiao and Bradley were robbed. Whether it be a case of bad judging, one of the many conspiracy theories, or just freak decision we were robbed. Here are some of the things circulating about the fight’s outcome. I heard that the judges were too old, that Bradley already had rematch posters printed. Also that Pacquiao was not himself at the weigh in, he was having cold feet before throwing the fight, that’s why it took him so long to walk to the ring. That Manny received 20 million to lose his title to Bradley. How about Arum fixing the outcomes so Manny would not have to fight Mayweather or Marquez. Talks of trilogies, and retirements. I even heard a Pacquaio fan say “Floyd Mayweather did this” while in jail. Even all these crazy ideas make more sense then what really happened.. We all were robbed Saturday Night.

At the post fight interview Arum felt like he had to defend his integrity as a promoter because many in the media, and fans felt like Arum rigged the decision for his own gain. Let’s face it he even said “I’ll make a lot of money off the rematch, but this was outrageous.” then in almost the same breath he blurted out. “I want to investigate whether there was any undue influence, whether the [Nevada Athletic Commission] gave any particular instruction and how they came to this conclusion,” said ArumGreat Bob thanks for the investigation that you no doubt will pay your in the pocket investigators. These events have Oscar De la Hoya Tweet crazy adding to the messy situation ” I am convinced Bob Arum and his Top Stank are really trying to ruin the sport. He’s 90 what does he care?! Don’t Worry. #goldenboy #rescue..  Hey Top Rank pay attention if you would like to learn about gift decisions and/or fight fixing, Golden Boy Productions are the new kings on the block, ask Erislandy Lara.

In other news 12 days served of a 90 day stint and Floyd Mayweather is about to throw in the towel. Reports are in that Floyd Mayweather’s Lawyer is trying to have a hearing calling for the release of his client. It seems that Floyd is being held in his cell for 23 hours a day, and he feels if this keeps up it my force him to retire. In an emergency motion filed Monday, lawyers asked the court to move him into the general jail population — something that jail officials had avoided out of fear for the celebrity’s safety — or put him in house arrest for the rest of his sentence. In the motion, which was first reported by the Las Vegas Review-Journal, lawyers say Mayweather’s personal physician, Dr. Robert Voy, visited the jail Friday and was concerned the 35-year-old fighter appeared to have lost muscle tone. A letter was written detailing by Mayweather’s legal team stating that the jail’s “conduct may cause, not just huge financial harm to Mr. Mayweather, but also huge emotional harm if he is no longer able to pursue his boxing career because of the deconditioning he has suffered,” lawyers wrote. What’s up with celebrities that are jailed, are they all trying to pull a Lindsey Lohan, like it’s a new dance at the clubs.

Cuban boxer Teofilo Stevenson, the three-time Olympic heavyweight champion with a devastating right hand and a gentlemanly demeanor, has died at the age of 60 from a heart attack.A statement on Cuban news read: “The Cuban sporting family was moved today by the passing of one of the greatest of all time”. Considered by some to be the most accomplished amateur boxer in history, Stevenson first won gold in 1972 in Munich and followed that up in 1976 at Montreal. RIP CHAMP

Possible scheduled for September 15, Marquez vs Morales.. Battle of the Immortals, like the Highlander.

It’s great to know that in the midst of a steroid scandal in the sport of boxing, one boxer is stepping up his game by agreeing to 1 year of random testing. Big Ups to Nonito Donaire for signing up for this with the VADA (Voluntary Anti-Doping Agency), which Donaire has fully endorsed. The move makes sense, as the four-division world champion regularly works with renowned nutritionist Victor Conte, an independent adviser of the organization.  Thanks Nonito, I guess your not gonna join my boxing crew on Twitter #TeamPed, that’s Me.

That’s all for today’s Wire Report make sure to join us tomorrow for some more boxing illuminati conspiracy theories, or just for some good old boxing gossip. BTW whatcha think about the new look for the website? Although we didn’t need the facelift, it only made us look better, like Kim Kardashian. Follow @number2snake

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