One on One With The CEO Of Future Legend


    With days until the Battle of Brooklyn between Paulie Malignaggi and Zab Judah this Saturday December 7th at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY; we take a look at the business venture between Malignaggi and good friend Frank, the CEO of Future Legend. With the most entertaining and successful fighters being able to breakout and create a life outside of boxing, Future Legend; a brand born and embedded in boxing looks to breakout itself and make a difference in the clothing market. Backed by the alliance and lifelong friendship of both Frank and Paul, Future Legend has emerged from a simple t-shirt design just a few short years ago; into a name on the verge of household success. Using sports as it’s platform, and more specifically the sport of boxing; many fighters and their fans have worn Future Legend clothing to support their favorite boxers, whether it’s a TMT fighter or the exuberant Paulie Malignaggi. Here at Tha Boxing Voice, we took time out to visit Frank the CEO of Future Legend and discuss the link between popular brand and boxing, learn how it started, and to find out where it’s going…enjoy!

    TBV: “What is future legend and how did it start?”


    FL: “Future Legend is a power brand started in 2012 by myself and Paul Malignaggi; thank god we’ve been blessed to have been all over TV via Bellator, Boxing, Reality stars… we’re really and truly blessed.”


    TBV: “How did you come up with the concept and the idea for the brand?”


    FL: “The actual future legend t-shirt concept… behind that I was actually stuck in traffic on 9th avenue and I saw a sign that said ”Legend Sporting, The future of all your sporting needs” so I took those two and meshed them together and here we are today.”


    TBV: “On your website and other media outlets you mention a friend named Corey Peltzer can you tell us about him?”


    FL: “Yea Corey was a good friend of mine growing up. Unfortunately in 2001 he was shot and killed on the B82 bus on his way home from working in Kings Plaza Mall. Today his murder goes unsolved 12 years later so basically fashion was what he was into, he kind of lives vicariously through everything I do with the charity and brand itself, that’s why I’ll keep pushing till the brand’s a household name. I can’t just let my friend die in vain.”


    TBV: “What is the inspiring message behind Future Legend that you are trying to promote?”


    FL: “The message behind Future Legend is anybody can be a “Future Legend”. You don’t have to be a pro-boxer like Paulie, you can be the next doctor… lawyer anybody can be a “Future Legend”. So basically it’s to set your goals and don’t stop chasing your dreams until you catch them; that’s the message we’re trying to send.”


    TBV: “How do you tie in your brand with athletes specifically boxing, how do you continue to make that successful?”


    FL: “As far as boxing we have notable names, we try to stick close to my partner Paul Malignaggi; one of the most flamboyant boxers out there other than Floyd. We work with the whole Money Team (TMT) with the exclusion of Floyd (Mayweather) and Ishe Smith. We work with the young guys; J’Leon Love, Badou Jack, Cuba Arias, Lannel Bellows. Basically in boxing when you stick with a format like we’re doing currently and you have the best rocking your brand there’s no better way to associate your brand than The Money Team and Paul Malignaggi in boxing.”


    TBV: “Recently one of your sponsored fighters Junior “Sugar Boy” Younan (2-0 2KO’s) made his pro debut, what can you tell fans about him?”


    FL: “Sugar Boy has been around, I know Sugar for quite a few years his dad used to be one of Paul’s trainers so I mean sugar was always a beast growing up. The kid was 15 years old dominating people that are 30, now at 18 I don’t see anybody stopping Sugar. The kid is so driven; his whole life is boxing since he was probably like 5 years old. Sugar is just a rare breed he eats, sleeps, breathes boxing, we’re just happy to be able to work with Sugar he’s a great kid on top of his dad being a good guy, he’s so driven and people at his age don’t usually have that drive to be successful.”


    TBV: “Your business partner Paulie Malignaggi (32-5 7KO’s) fights this upcoming weekend December 7th against Zab Judah (42-8 29 KO’s) in a battle for Brooklyn supremacy at the Barclays Center, what are your thoughts on that fight?”


    FL: “I mean of course I’m always partial to Paul. I think Paul’s a lot quicker than Zab, I’m not knocking Zab he’s a great fighter; but Zab’s toward the end of his career. Paulie still has goals and dreams to accomplish like a third title, that’s Paulie’s drive, I don’t see Zab beating Paulie in this one.”


    TBV: “Do you have a prediction?”

    FL: “I mean Paul’s not a knockout guy… but honestly he may shock the world with this one.”

    TBV: “Being so involved with your hometown of Brooklyn, what does this fight at Barclays do for Brooklyn?”

    FL: “I think the Barclays Center is a great place for Brooklyn. It brought the Nets here, adding boxing here, local shows, stars like Paulie and Zab. It’s good for the economy, brings people out, families can bond and come out to see the fights and I think it’s a great thing.”

    TBV: “What does Future Legend have in store for 2014?”

    FL: “In 2014 we’re going to re-launch with Kevin Leong doing all our designs. Kevin has built the Phat Farm brand and Baby Phat working with Russell Simmons. I just think our potential’s untapped, we’re going to do a lot of lifestyle and urban inspired gear and we’re going to kind of steer away from the sporting thing and go more lifestyle. I think with a name like Future Legend we have endless potential with our brand. Brands fade… they come… they go, but I think our brand is going to be as big as Nike one day.”

    TBV: “How can fans purchase products or get in contact with you through websites or social media?”

    FL: “Right now you can visit to purchase apparel until we are in retail chain stores next year. As far as social media you can go on Twitter @1FutureLegend or @Futurelegendclothing on Instagram or you can always hit up @PaulMalignaggi or @TheUGC  on Twitter, that’s the best way to get at us.”

    TBV: “Is there anything you’d like to say to your supporters?”

    FL: “We appreciate all of the support we’ve gotten. The brand’s growth has been tremendous over the last two years, we’ve accomplished more over the last two years than most brands accomplish in 20; it’s a constant hustle. Without the support of the fans who buy it, we wouldn’t have the success we have today.”