Victor Ortiz takes steroids dig at Andre Berto


Victor OrtizCARSON, California — Victor Ortiz went there. He just couldn’t contain himself. He dropped the “S” word.

No, not shit. Shit has a place in boxing. Shit is useful. Shit is respected. This one’s far, far more sinister: STEROIDS.

Back in 2012, two of Andre Berto’s urine samples yielded positive results for norandrosterone, which is a metabolite derived from an anabolic steroid and a banned substance. The positive test forced the cancellation of the highly anticipated rematch between the two fighters. Fans weren’t happy and, of course, nor was Ortiz.

Now that Ortiz-Berto II is finally back on for April 30 of this year, Ortiz simply couldn’t resist the opportunity to take a dig at Berto’s past positive test in an interview with our own Fernando Pimentel.

“You guys had a rematch (scheduled). It didn’t happen due to outside interferences with Berto, but now you guys are here five years later,” Pimentel began.

“Outside interferences is called — steroids,” Ortiz interjected with a sarcastic snap of the fingers. “Anyways, that’s besides the point. That’s in the past. I know Berto’s coming in hungry and he’s coming in with a lot on his mind. He obviously wants his revenge. It’s the wrong rematch. At least Floyd Mayweather was smart not to get a rematch with me, let’s give him that.”

Well, those comments certainly fall into the “shots fired” category. These two have had bad blood for years, but things seem to have reached a tipping point at this week’s press conference. Prior to Ortiz’s interview with Tha Boxing Voice, he was the recipient of a shove from Berto to go along with some completely inappropriate anti-gay comments.

“Why you getting this close, man? I ain’t with that gay shit, homey,” Berto exclaimed.

Andre Berto, ladies and gentlemen! Stay classy. Berto has already backtracked on the comments, but the damage was done.

“I respect the gay community to the fullest,” Berto told TMZ Sports. “Listen, I respect gay people but I love women. So if another man comes and puts his lips near mine, it would make you uncomfortable.”

Um, it’s a stare down, Andre. What did you expect?