Pacquaio returns to Hollywood to finish training


Pacquiao, Timothy Bradley,Manny Pacquaio returns to Los Angeles to finish his final three weeks of training. The “Fighter of the decade” returns to the Wildcard Gym in Hollywood for the first time since the announcement of the fight.


Pacquiao landed early Saturday evening with his entourage at LAX and almost instantly was swarmed by entertainment & sports media alike. Reason being this is also the first time he’s been face to face with US media since his controversial comments last month.


Among the actual boxing media in attendance Top Rank reporter, Crystal Poncher, was able to get some quick words from the Filipino Congressman about his upcoming “final” trilogy against Timothy Bradley, his stage in training, and a message to the fans.


“Training was very good in the Philippines”, replied Manny when asked about how the month of training was back in his home country. There, he says his team had just finished ten rounds of sparring prior to leaving Manila.


Manny was also asked to put into perspective what this upcoming fight means for him being that it is his “final” fight and what should fans expect. “It’s going to be a lot of action. It’s gonna be an answer to all the questions that’s in the fan’s minds” he said.  The second part of the quote may raise attention since he is coming off his high-profile loss to Floyd Mayweather and in consequence, remorse of fans that feel that the great performances from the Pac-man are gone with yesteryear.


While many deemed the fight unnecessary, it still remains a highly competitive fight. Maybe even more so now with Bradley under the guidance of Teddy Atlas. It’s a matchup that oozes storylines. Will Manny turn back the clock in a dominant performance? What if he does the complete opposite, become old overnight and out-hustled? Or do the “Firemen “ have some strategies in store for the future Hall-of-Famer?


Manny will now meet back up with trainer Freddy Roach at the Wildcard Gym in Hollywood to finish his final weeks of training where the pace is likely to pick up until the HBO PPV event on April 9.