Pacquiao-Rios: Two Thumbs Up


    Manny Pacquiao was last seen in the ring in December of 2012 when he was knocked out by Juan Manuel Marquez. A knockout so devastating and shocking that fans all over the world believe that the explosive Filipino fighter is done and will never be the same.

    On November 23rd (November 24th in Macau), Pacquiao will have a chance to redeem himself and silence his critics when he takes on hard punching Brandon Rios. Rios was one of two fighters being considered to face Pacquiao. The other choice was Mike Alvarado who Rios faced earlier in the year and lost a decision to.

    There has been bad blood between Freddie Roach and Brandon Rios during training of a fight between Pacquiao and Antonio Margarito where Rios was filmed making fun of Roach. Roach has since been seeking redemption. Should Pacquiao win the fight against a young elite fighter he will have redeemed himself and his trainer.

    Now some may say that Rios doesn’t deserve the shot because he was coming off a loss. While last time we checked, Pacquiao has lost 2 in a row (one controversially. If Pacquiao is the Pacquiao of old, this fight will look like Pacquiao-Margarito. However, no one can tell what someone would be after being knocked out cold and that’s exactly what Pacquiao will be returning from. If Pacquiao is one bit the tentative fighter, Rios is the perfect one to test that.  Questions will be answered in this compelling matchup.