Pacquiao wants to keep fighting


Manny PacquiaoWhile Floyd Mayweather has since retired since his last bout with Andre Berto, the other great fighter of this era Manny Pacquiao is said to be returning next year.

Pacquiao lost a unanimous decision to Mayweather in the most lucrative fight in the sport’s history. Not without controversy, the bout went with Pacquiao claiming a shoulder injury which was surgically repaired and Mayweather being granted a Therapeutic Usage Exception for an IV after the weigh-in.

While Mayweather goes into the supposed sunset, “Manny will be fighting next year,” Arum said to “I think everything will be good for him to fight by February. He can probably start training by the end of this year. We’ll let the doctor tell us when. I thought maybe Manny would fight one or two more times, and when I said that, Manny corrected me. He said he wants to keep fighting.”

The person of interest will be England’s Amir Khan according to Arum. Even though Khan is advised by Al Haymon, a man that Arum is suing, Arum says the fight can happen.

“If Manny fights Khan, Khan will probably bring 3,000 or 4,000 people over from the U.K. for the fight,” Arum said. “We won’t deal with Haymon. We deal directly with family about fighting Manny Pacquiao.”

And as far as a fifth fight with Juan Manuel Marquez, one that Marquez seems to have zero interest in, Arum says he needs to know if Marquez is healthy before moving forward.

“We want to know for sure the status of Juan Manuel Marquez before we make any decisions,” Arum said. “Fernando is meeting with him to see what he wants to do. His knee appears to be 100 percent. Fernando told me he sparred a few rounds recently to test it out. Marquez would be the most lucrative fight, and Manny would be happy to fight him again.”