Pascal to Stevenson: ‘Even Bute After Two Losses Sells More Tickets Than You’


    185828-jean-pascalJean Pascal and Adonis Stevenson once spoke highly of each other and would cheer for each other whenever they would fight but those days are over.

    Within the past year a bitterness has built between the two Haitian-Canadians after Jean Pascal has continuously asked for his mandatory title shot at Stevenson and has gotten nothing. After that verbal jabs began to surface (mainly from Pascal) and since then it has been an all out assault on Stevenson from Pascal who has not let off the gas on Stevenson.

    Recently Pascal took to social media to take another shot at Stevenson, stating that he can’t compete in ticket sales with Pascal or even Lucian Bute.

    “Just simple brother,” Pascal said to Stevenson. “I’m more popular than you. That’s it!! Even (Lucian)Bute after two losses sells more [tickets] than you.”

    One would think that if the fight were to get signed tomorrow Pascal might let up a bit especially with not getting much of a response from Stevenson but this rivalry could more than likely continue even if the two fight and go their separate ways.