Paul MacKenzie Planning Move to Light Heavyweight


Paul “P-Mac” MacKenzie made his return to the ring on May 31st after taking almost 9 months off from boxing. He originally planned to take a year or two off to enjoy his life; after all he is still young. But in the boxing world time away is usually a bad thing unless you are allowing your body to heal from injuries.  In his time off, as he admits, he did not take care of himself and put on weight. Sure everyone can put on some weight but for Paul it is more than he would have liked to of put on. When I saw Paul the night of the weigh in and on fight night he looked like a totally different man. He lost over 80 pounds to make the contracted weight and he did it by changing his life style. He found a passion for cooking healthier meals and exercising better and with the help of his team it makes it even easier with the motivation that he gets.

“P-Mac” was victorious in his return to the ring and was very impressive and I am sure the hometown crowd made his performance one that he will hold to heart and remember for a long time.

So what is next for this Canadian prospect? Well, with the change of lifestyle he is continuing to lose weight and plans on fighting at 175 pounds where he will be more agile and even more powerful.