Paulie Malignaggi Believes Danny Garcia Not Taking A Fight W/Mayweather Was A Personal Decision And Not About Money


    With recent news about Danny Garcia pulling himself from the lineup of fighters who could take on Floyd Mayweather surfacing one would seem to wonder why a fighter would pull away from such a lucrative opportunity. They money is big and so is the reward but the risk is not always worth it.

    Paulie Malignaggi has been around the pro’s for long enough to know when you are given meaningful advice to take that advice and that’s what Danny did with his father/trainer’s advice.

    ” It’s not always about the money when you’re dealing with somebody who’s not only the trainer but the father,” said Malignaggi. “I’m sure Danny will be able to line himself up eventually. That’s a personal decision. I think Danny is definitely deserving in being in the running for the Mayweather  fight. I think in the long run he could position himself again.”

    Garcia is scheduled to have his first ever fight in Puerto Rico against Mauricio Herrera on March 15 and should he win impressively he could be in line to face Mayweather again or he could stay at 140 pounds and unify as many titles as possible which is very difficult to do today with rivaling promoters and networks.

    ” I think it’s hard to unify the titles this day and age. Anytime you have a chance to do that you really cement yourself.”