Paulie Malignaggi Feels Broner is Too Small And Maybe Making a Mistake Jumping Up Two Weight Classes


    After last Saturday’s historic victory for Bernard Hopkins at the Barclays Center, the news of another main event heading to the Brooklyn arena had been all but confirmed. Adrien Broner would be moving up two divisions to the welterweight division to take on Brooklyn’s own Paulie Malignaggi for his WBA welterweight title on June 22nd. Malignaggi joined ThaBoxingVoice Radio Show the very next day to speak on his matchup with Adrien Broner.

    On why he Feels Broner may be making a mistake jumping up two weight classes:

    “I think he’s (Adrien Broner) too small. History tells you it’s hard to jump 2 weight classes too fast. People compare him to Floyd Mayweather but he’s not Floyd yet. He (Floyd Mayweather) did start his career at 135 lbs. Floyd has more height than Adrien and he can carry the weight a little better. Adrien is a small little guy going up to that weight and I think that might not be conducive to him.”

    Why He feels He can pull the Upset:

    “When we go all in there with the game plan then we make our adjustments in fight. The weapons that I have at my disposal have gotten me two world titles and given me a great career. I have enough to trouble Adrien Broner cuz I don’t think he’s seen something like that yet.”

    If his size will be the difference in the fight:

    “I wouldn’t doubt it being the (bigger guy). I prepare the same way mentally for every guy. But physically I prepare differently for a style and skill. Mentally I go in their try and be the boss regardless of what style they bring. Will my weight be a factor? I don’t know maybe it will be with a guy like Adrien Broner moving up two weight classes. That’s why we fight the fights and that’s why we find out.”

    Dealing with an 8th month layoff:

    “I’m used too long layoffs. This will be no different. I just work hard in the gym and stay sharp. Sometimes these breaks help; you know I’m not a young guy anymore so sometimes it helps.”

    On how he will deal with Broner’s pre-fight antics:

    “I think Adrien is a talker, always been a talker. So the media part of it will be entertaining. But as far as Adrien putting hands on me, I think Adrien knows who he can and can’t play with and I’m not someone he can play with. The banter it can get fun, that part excites me to see who the better trash talker in the game is. You never know what buttons he or I am are going to push to see who can get under someone else skin, let’s see what happens.”

    On how this fight came about:

    “I would have never considered him a possible opponent of mine. I got an email one day, are you interested in a Broner fight? Yeah at welterweight only, so they said yeah, welterweight. So make me an offer and I’ll think about. So it moved from there, so now it’s practically done.”

    On headlining a major card in the Barclays Center in Brooklyn:

    “It’s one of those moments that you kind of dream about your whole life. I’m from Brooklyn and no matter where I go, I represent Brooklyn. So to get the chance to represent Brooklyn at the Barclays Center which is basically representing Brooklyn on so many levels and me coming as a world champion it means a lot, and to do it as a main event, the eyes of the world is on Brooklyn, it’ll be a pretty good feeling.”

    On getting Stephen Espinoza’s (Showtime) ok to fight on HBO:

    “It’s a weird situation, I don’t have an obligation to fight on any network, I do have an obligation to not commentate on another network but I just want to make sure I get their blessing if they give me their blessing, it makes it all better and if not that’d be the only road block.”


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