Paulie Malignaggi Hopes De La Hoya, Schaefer And Haymon Can Fix Their Issues For Boxing’s Sake


    With ongoing turmoil at Golden Boy Promotions the assumption many boxing fans have is that there is going to be a split. Some might see it as a good thing to happen and some would prefer for the company to stay exactly the way it is. For Paulie Malignaggi whom is currently signed with GBP and Al Haymon, he would love to see the trio be able to work through the problems   peacefully because they have helped out many fighters and would like to see them do the same even if there is a split.

    “I hope everything can work out. I have a lot of respect for Richard, Al and obviously Oscar,” said Malignaggi. “Oscar has done tremendous things in boxing so you never want to see rifts get to where people aren’t getting along like that. If they split up or stay together I hope they can get along so they can still do business together one way or another because together they have helped so many fighters. They have helped so many fighters in their careers. they have helped so many fighters make money. They have helped change their lives. Even Al. It would be a shame if these people can’t get along in the end. It doesn’t necessarily mean they have to do business together, I’m not saying they’ll stay together in business but in the end you hope that everybody, even if they split off it could have a peaceful ending or if they stay together it’s cool too. When they’ve helped so many fighters…not all promoters help fighters. Not all promoters have helped peoples careers and have regressed people’s careers. These three guys, Haymon, Schaefer and Oscar have helped a lot of people’s career. myself included. You hope they can get along even if in the end the company does split up.”