Paulie Malignaggi On Kell Brook: I Think He Is The Goods


    Kell Brook has yet to make a splash onto the American boxing scene but Britain’s top welterweight has caught the attention of Paulie Malignaggi who believes that Brook has the goods and deserves the chance to show it to the world.

    “I think he is the goods,” said Malignaggi. “I just think it’s about time he gets the opportunity and I feel like he has been phased out and the American public doesn’t know about him. I think he is a world class fighter. He is a good fighter and fans are missing out not being able to see him against other world class welterweights here on the American stage.  If Brook could get on the American boxing stage with the rest of us, the fans win.”

    Brook had a chance to prove it three times before against Devon Alexander but the fight was called off three different times due to injuries from both Alexander and Brook. Fans speculated whether the injuries were legitimate or not but you can’t expect a fighter to go into a fight if he is actually injured.

    “They each pulled out of that fight. You can’t put all of that on Brook. Maybe they were legitimate injuries and maybe they won’t but definitely they each pulled out of that fight. If a guy is injured you can’t expect him to go into the biggest fight of his career being injured. You can’t really knock him for that either. If you are going into the biggest fight of your career you want to go in at your maximum prepared to show just who you are and how good you are.”

    Brook is slated to fight on March 15th and if he wins then maybe Malignaggi will give Brook the chance to prove his worth in the U.S.