Peek Into The Future: Andy Vences


“I want to put San Jose on the map!” It was a simple statement said by a mellow kind hearted fighter whose in ring performance at today’s open workouts in San Carlos, CA at the world famous Undisputed Boxing Gym would have you confused it was the same person that was hitting mitts with malicious intent. Andy Vences (2-0 1KO) is just starting his voyage as a professional fighter yet he speaks with the maturity of someone well beyond his 22 years of age. “You know I didn’t actually use hand wraps until two years ago, when I hurt my hand,” Vences said as he continued, “It was because it took 20 minutes to wrap your hands when I was younger and I ran track so, I just wanted more boxing time – never really got into it.” Vences continued while looking at his hands. 130 lbs. fighter Vences accredited the lack of hand wrapping to some of his power, “I have really hard hands” Vences said laughing as he explained that his power is what sets him apart in his weight class.

It’s these hard hands that had an MMA fighter turned boxer Miguelito Marti literally running away from him after less than a minute of the first round. “I was disappointed to be completely honest,” Vences said. “I am at a point in my career where I want to get rounds in and I was really hoping to get more work in.” By more work Vences is referring to the fact that he stopped Marti in the first round with a few seconds left in the round – in a fight that could have been stopped early. In fact, Marti got hit at one point in the fight and literally turned his back to Vences and ran to the other side of the ring to get away from him yet the fight continued for another minute or so. “He tasted my power, most people don’t think I hit hard until I tag them,” and it is hard to disagree as Vences spent two rounds pounding the mitts with sickening thuds that made me wince only to later state that he was unable to use his full power on his jab since his trainer had a sore shoulder.

Vences states that essentially his whole game rotates around the jab and how often do we hear this in the sport from a young prospect, especially one who is being touted as a power puncher, not often. Yet this is what Vences is unpredictable from his temperament, mellow, calm and cool who has the ability to throw power punches at will, but preference for the jab. Vences stated that he could stand in and bang in the pocket, but he wants to grow as a fighter get some wins, get some experience and save the wars for later in his career.  The big question is can the application apply as Vences seems to have the right mindset, the questions will be how he reacts when placed into a dog fight will he stay at this virtue. Yet talking with Vences he is sincere when talking about his about the jab and believes that he has the power to knock someone down with a jab and feels that working off the jab sets up everything for his in ring abilities.

One thing about Vences is throughout his amateur career, Vences has constantly been the underdog. Hell you could take it a step further and say life in general.  Vences may have come up as underdog in the Amateur’s somehow Vences continues to win. At a certain point, Vences has to stop being the underdog.  Vences who cited how “he gets along with everyone” to his laid back personality, but one thing is for sure his respect is due. Vences who will fight Noe Lucas on July 26th at Fox Theater in Redwood City, CA someone who is familiar with as they sparred two years ago. Vences though explained that two years ago in the career of a young professional boxer is a long time ago and Lucas will see a different fighter come July 26th. Nonetheless, the humble, but powerful fighter who wishes to put San Jose, CA on the map for the boxing community continues his professional career Friday July 26th at Fox Theater 2215 Broadway street Redwood City, Ca. Tickets are available at as well as with tickets ranging from $ 35 to 60 more information is available at Undisputed Boxing Gym (650) 631-3781 and B Street Boxing (650) 342-7408. For more information about Andy Vences simply follow him on twitter at @AndyVences