Peek into The Future: Wale ‘Lucky Boy” Omotoso


Out of the small, rough, extremely poor and dangerous city of Lagos in Nigeria birthed a naturally talented and overwhelmingly strong, hard hitting orthodox Welterweight by the god given name of Oyewale Omotoso whom now goes by the name of Lucky Boy in the world of boxing.  Lucky Boy has an unblemished record of 22-0, 18 KO’s, while under the guidance of world renowned trainer, Freddie Roach.  Lucky Boy’s career didn’t begin with Freddie Roach in his corner.


After surviving the gang infested, violent, everyday struggles in Lagos where he lived in poverty with his family of seven brothers and sisters in one bedroom, enduring a chaotic life of violence, his family made the life changing move to Australia which is how he got the name Lucky Boy. Lucky Boy said “if you can survive in the city he is from you can live anywhere in the world”. He considers himself very Lucky to have escaped a world where he was forced to use weapons and eventually had to use his hands to defend himself.  That’s when the young man from Lagos realized he was a natural in the art of pugilism.


Lucky Boy was always a naturally strong person since he was a child in his hood.  He sometime reminisces about walking home from school and watching as older kids played soccer and the gang bangers did their thing.  He is the only fighter in his family which makes this special. Since he came from such poverty, he is now able to help his family because he traveled the path of boxing rather than to continue life with a gang mentality.


After moving to Australia, Lucky Boy had an extremely successful amateur career, and turned pro being trained by Murray Thompson.  According to Lucky, “Murray is a great man” but they both spoke and agreed that Thompson could not take him to the top. Therefore, his time with Thompson ended, on good terms.


Since July of last year, TopRank has been Lucky Boy’s promotional team. There were no other offers on the table at the time and the contract that Top Rank was offering made him ecstatic.  According to Lucky, Top Rank has his career going in the right direction and he is very happy where it is headed.  In his short career Lucky has fought older experienced fighters such as Emanuel Augustus and last September 11, 2011 in Atlantic City. Lucky fought Calvin Odom (15-11, 11 KO’s) winning a 5th round stoppage after tasting the canvas, which to me shows his determination.


Lucky’s entire career has not been without complication, he was sparring a Hungarian boxer by the name of Andras Nagy whom suffered a brain injury and went into a coma and later passed away.  This was tragic, Lucky said , “this was a terrible accident and I’ve seen so many people die in front of me, may be that helped me adjust to the situation, I do feel very bad but the same thing could happen to me, it’s my job”.  It was said that Lucky reminds some of a volume punching Clottey whom is very solid, but it doesn’t matter who the fighter is that he is facin.  He trains hard and the same as if every fight is a title fight no matter the caliber of the fighter.


Lucky has learned a lot from Freddie Roach, “being trained by Freddie is like being in school”, said Lucky.  He is not changing his style, just tweaking what he does best, and polishing him around the edges.  He says Freddie was in his corner his last fight and Lucky already knew how busy Freddie was prior to undergoing his guidance in the ring.  He feels one day he will get more of his time, although Freddie is there when he needs him.  Freddie is also training Lucky not to rely on just his power but to put all of his skills to use, and then the knock outs will come.


Lucky’s jab has been compared to the likes of Ike Quartey and Erik Morales with his reach and frame.  It has also been said that Lucky can bang with Chavez Jr. and  could choose to box with the speedy Amir Khan.  What can I say, this definitely makes him happy being compared to icons which makes him want to train harder and keeps him excited about his future.  He said he will be watching the Randall Baily v. Mike Jones fight (Mike Jones also promoted by Bob Arum’s Top Rank) and is ready to take on the winner or anyone else for that matter.


I can tell you one thing, Lucky Boy definitely has the confidence which champions need to be successful and the determination to one day be a world champion. He fully trusts his promoter’s to aim his career down the right path which will lead him smack dab into a championship when the time is right.

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