Peter Fury: Klitschko is faking the injury to stall the fight


Wladimir KlitschkoIf you think Tyson Fury is the only Fury that thinks Wladimir Klitschko’s injury is an attempt to stall the fight, his uncle and trainer Peter Fury agrees with his nephew.

“Personally, yes. I think Wladimir’s seen what Tyson is really about, and he’s had an around the table speech with him for over an hour, where Tyson was predicting that he would pull out,” Fury told

“This was going on for about and hour, and I think the things that Tyson has to say to Wladimir, I think Wladimir’s probably gone back and said, “Look, we need more time for this guy, he’s a very serious threat. I need to adjust on my sparring partners because I think he’s going to do things which I’ve not really accounted for.”

Fury says he believes that Klitschko, who plays some mental games, wasn’t ready for Fury’s mental game.

“Yes, that is a big factor, and I do believe he does do that,” explained Fury. “Wladimir plays a lot on the mental game, and this is where he falls down with Tyson because Wladimir now realizes 100% that there’s no mental edge over Tyson Fury whatsoever.”

He also says the two have never sparred.

“Just to set the fact straight, Tyson Fury has never sparred Wladimir Klitschko. They went in camp, but Tyson never got to spar with Wladimir, so Tyson is the only challenger he’s probably ever faced in recent years that he’s never sparred with.”

Fury also says that some media outlets reports of him possibly overtraining Tyson because of the delay are inaccurate.

“As a trainer, I’m happy with it because when getting that weight off, it’s always better for a fighter to be stabilized and take the weight off over periods of time. Even if we get it on the 28th of November, it suits Tyson better. He’s nearly on weight; he’s just going to get stronger and stronger. He will be in peak performance when they do step in that ring. The time delay benefits Tyson; it doesn’t do the reverse.”