Peter Fury: “We’re Still Waiting On Adamek and Haye for Tyson”


    What inspired you to want to coach boxing?

    Boxing has always been part of my life, from being a kid to being involved in Boxing. I started to coach my son from a young age as I could see he wanted it and I knew I could help him. He’s now a 4 time national champion and current ABA junior champion.


    Tyson has gone through quite a few trainers, but it look as though he has finally found the guidance which suits him now that he’s under your tutelage. Obviously being family is a big reason for that, but what else would say you has “clicked”?

    We have clicked, me and Tyson, as I know boxing and we get along very well. I train him with pride and passion as I want him to be the best out there. He knows what I expect and that’s perfection.


    In terms of his technique, lateral movement and performances, are you happy with Tyson’s overall progress?

    As far as technique is concerned, he’s improved endlessly since he came to my gym, but no, I’m not happy because this is why he’s had a gap of 4 months to perfect his all round boxing, power, physique, etc. Come December 1st, people will realize he’s a major threat to the heavyweight division as a whole.


    Tyson’s conditioning has shown remarkable improvement and he looked very lean in particular against Vinny Maddalone. What would you say has paved the way for this upswing in his physical development?

    His physique has improved as I am good on nutrition and training.  Tyson is no fool and as such will not suffer them lightly. All I’ve told Tyson has come true. He totally believes in me and I do him. We work brilliantly together.

    It’s been well documented that Mick Hennessy is looking to secure a big named opponent for Tyson in November/December, with Ruslan Chagaev being among the names shortlisted. Do you feel that Tyson is ready to prove himself at world level?

    Tyson is ready. So much so that Chagaev has openly said to us that Tyson is the best out there. He’s not ready to take the fight as he feels he needs a world class trainer and camp to stand a chance. He said he would look at a match with Tyson maybe in February or March next year, once he’s prepared fully.


    With James Toney and Deontay Wilder being among the latest boxers to call out Tyson, it seems that pretty much everyone wants to get in with Tyson now that he’s ranked in the top 10. Does it surprise that at just 19-0, Tyson is already a ‘name’ in the heavyweight division?

    No, it’s not surprising the heavyweights want to call out Tyson, but I can tell you much of it is to gain press for themselves, as when it comes to serious negotiations, they don’t want the fight.  We wanted Adamek and Haye, yet still nothing as of now.


    In addition to Tyson Fury and David Price, there are of course the likes of Dillian Whyte and Ian Lewison on their way up, as well as Anthony Joshua when he eventually turns professional. Do you think the future is bright for the British heavyweight scene?

    Yes, the future is bright. Dillian Whyte is a good friend of ours and a top talent. He’s going places.


    Do you feel it’s likely that Tyson and David Price will cross paths at some point in the future, possibly even for a world title?

    If Price keeps winning, and also Tyson of course, they will meet down the road at some stage.


    There are an abundance of unbeaten heavyweight prospects nowadays, all looking to make their mark one way or another. Have you been impressed with the progress of any of them in particular?

    Yes, I’m very impressed with Bermane Stiverne from Canada. He bashed up Price in the amateurs. He’s now 22-1 with 20 KOs and a top talent!


    With Vitali strongly hinting that a political career could be imminent, as well as talk of Wladimir possibly only fighting for another 2 years, how do you see the heavyweight division shaping up once the Klitschko brothers have moved on?

    I think whatever happens with the Klitschko brothers, they will be remembered as great champions and ambassadors to our sport.


    Last but not least, some people have not yet heard about your son, Hughie Fury. How is he faring as an amateur and how far do you believe he can go in the sport?
    My son is 18 years old on September 18th. He has already moving up to 100 kilos for the senior ABAs in February next year. He’s fought everyone in all weight divisions, including some of the best. He’s a massive talent and will rule alongside Tyson in the coming years.

    Kind regards. Peter Fury.  



    Peter Fury is a trainer with a burgeoning reputation in the sport. He currently trains Tyson Fury, Hughie Lewis Fury, Hughie Fury, Phil Fury, Zac Burton, and Micheal Sweeney. He can be found on Twitter @peterfury, where he often takes the time to reply to any boxing enthusiasts or fans.

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