Peter Quillin Overcomes A Competitive Gabe Rosado with Tenth-Round TKO


Although the Showtime Championship Boxing broadcast listed Bernard Hopkins vs. Karo Murat as the main-event, it was the middleweight bout between Peter Quillin (30-0, 22 knockouts) and Gabriel Rosado (21-7, 13 knockouts) that had people the most excited. Featuring two of the toughest and most exciting fighters in the division, it was clear that this was “the people’s main event”. With promises of all-action, booming shots, and a violent end it was easy to understand why this match-up drew so much interest.

In the early rounds of the fight it was clear to see that Quillin was getting the best of Rosado. With Rosado showing a bit of a tendency to start slow, Quillin decided to capitalize and begin string together some peppering blows to get some of the early rounds under his belt. Quillin was convincing early on, and a flash knockdown of Rosado in the second just assured people that this fight was already coming to a close. Still, Rosado rose from the canvas and remained determined as ever in his endeavor to win Quillin’s title.

As game as Rosado was, it was clear that Quillin was still dictating the pace and landing the harder punches in each of their exchanges. However, as the middle rounds approached it was Rosado who finally dictating the pace thanks to his trademark toughness and overwhelming aggression. Rosado resorted to cutting off the ring, and forcing the champion along the ropes where he battered him along the head and body. This tactic proved successful as Rosado was slowly beginning to shorten the points deficit he had found himself early on.

As the fight approached its later rounds, it was seemingly apparent to observers that this fight was truly shaping up to be one that could go either way. Quillin and Rosado continued in their relentless pace as both fighters managed to land the types of combinations that would put lesser-men to sleep, but there was no ignoring the fact that Rosado’s late-round onslaught was perhaps beginning to get to the champion.

In the 10th round of the championship bout, Quillin managed to land a stiff jab that opening up a gash over Rosado’s left eye. The placement and severity of the cut led to ring-side doctors ultimately calling an end to the bout, leaving fans with an ending that was underwhelming and controversial after such competitive action.

Although Quillin walked away the victor, this was one of the fights where even the loser didn’t really lose. Rosado will still manage to line-up title shots thanks to his unreal level of toughness. As for Quillin, new challenges lie on the horizon for the champion,  and all signs point to Danny Jacobs being that next challenge.