Prichard Colón Gets Honorary WBC Title


    Part of being a Hispanic male is being macho. Don’t cry or show that your feelings are hurt if you do everyone will think you’re a punk. It’s easy over time to learn to hold back your emotions but everyone once in a while something comes along that makes you shed a tear.

    For me, seeing Prichard Colón get an honorary WBC belt this past weekend and the excitement on his face made me shed a tear. It was not of sadness though. It was a man tear damn it and it was a happy one.

    Five and a half years ago was the last time we saw Prichard in the ring against Terrel Williams. It was the first and only loss of his career and it came via DQ when his corner prematurely cut his gloves off in-between the ninth and tenth round (it was a ten round fight).

    During the fight Prichard was hit in the back of the head and after the fight he felt dizzy. After a trip to the hospital it was discovered that he had suffered bleeding of the brain and he was then placed into a coma. The coma lasted seven months and since then his life has never been the same.

    Fighters have no retirement plan and there is no assistance for when they are no longer able to compete. If you thought the sport was brutal from what happens in the ring you ain’t seen nothing yet as when the sport no longer needs you you’re kicked to the curb and forgotten. The WBC has stepped in and assisted the Colón family including providing a vehicle in which they are able to transport Prichard wherever he needs to go.

    The WBC has also implemented a zero tolerance policy for rabbit punches which has been named the Prichard Colón rule.

    Prichard Colón has gone from being one of the brightest prospects in boxing to a tragedy of what the sport can do to you. His love for boxing is still there and the happiness he is able to have fills my heart with joy. I wish nothing but the best for Prichard and his family and I hope he is able to enjoy himself as much as possible! Even though his career is over Prichard is still fighting everyday of his life.