Are We Getting A Duran-Chavez Exhibition?


    Last month Julio Cesar Chavez fought in what was slated to be his last in ring appearance when he faced Hector Camacho Jr. the son of his formal rival Hector Camacho Sr.

    After the fight Chavez stated that not just the training but everything took a toll on his body and he would no longer entertain the idea of fighting anymore but like any drug boxing always comes back and when it does it sinks its teeth into you hard.

    So what could bring Chavez back?

    Well for starters a possible fantasy match between arguably the two best Latin fighters of all time. That’s right a showdown between Chavez and Roberto Duran.

    An exhibition was supposed to come together back in 2016 (details can be found here ) but from my knowledge nothing ever happened. Exhibitions weren’t really covered or publicized back then the way they are now.

    Duran took to social media to tease the possibility of facing off against Chavez and the rumor is it will happen not once but twice. Once in Mexico (where Chavez is from; Duran is actually half Mexican as well) and another in Panama.

    “Good day family,” stated Duran in the caption for a faceoff photo with Chavez. “I wanted to share with you something that is in the works between my friend Julio Cesar Chavez and Hands of Stone.”