Provodnikov Eyes Fights With Rios, Alvarado, and Marquez If No Bradley Rematch


    The world was introduced to Ruslan Provodnikov in his fight with Timothy Bradley. It was a fight that delivered above expectations and is the early clubhouse leader for fight of the year. Many boxing fans have known Provodnikov because of his numerous appearances on ESPN2’s Friday Night Fight Series where Provodnikov has been successful every time out minus his loss to Mauricio Herrera.

    Because he has been labeled an ‘ESPN’ fighter prior to his fight with Bradley, not many gave him a chance against Bradley and not many are giving him a chance the elite at 140 and 147 lbs.

    Provodnikov has a different mindset and feels he belongs. “I’m 100 sure I can beat these guys,” stated Provodnikov when discussing the class of both divisions.  “I proved that on that Saturday against Bradley. I think I can beat all those guys between 140 and 147 lbs.

    He certainly impressed many fans with his performance. He also impressed the media and the HBO brass alike. Because of this, Provodnikov certainly feels he will be back on HBO.

    “That’s what it looked like after the fight,” stated Provodnikov on his chances of his return being on HBO. “The press and HBO told me it was a good fight and they told me that I’m a type of fighter they want on the network. So I think I will, time will show if I will. I’m ready to fight anyone and I think I can show fights like this with the best, so I think I’ll be back.”

    So who might be coming back against? His first option would be a rematch with Bradley.

    “For me rematch is the number 1 on my priority, I’m ready to fight him whenever. I know he needs some time to recover but I’m ready. For both of us, he probably wants the same thing; we have some unfinished business that I think we both agree we have to finish this.”

    Provodnikov moved up in weight to 147 lbs to share the ring with Bradley. Should the rematch not come to fruitions, he doesn’t mind going back down and challenging the biggest names at 140 lbs.

    “As I said before, the rematch with Bradley is number one. In the future I’d love to fight Brandon Rios or Mike Alvarado. I like Rios style and their fight will be great. I was supposed to fight Rios before and if there was a preference it would be him,” explained Provodnikov.

    Provodnikov however, made it clear that he wants to fight at 147 next and if not Tim Bradley, he certainly wants make his dream fight a reality.

    “I’m open to any opportunity in the future. I fought the best and I can fight either guy (Rios or Alvarado) but right now I want to fight at 147 and finish my business with Tim Bradley. But my dream in my career is to fight Juan Manuel Marquez. Marquez and I can put out on a great fight.”


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