Q & A with Alan Gotay: Long Island’s Rising Prospect


When most people bring up the New York boxing scene the focus is generally on Brooklyn and all of the great champions in its rich and growing history. Things seem to be slowly changing however as a fresh crop of Long Island standouts try to put themselves on the boxing map with the help of Joe DeGuardia’s Star Boxing. The next date will be a special one, February 14th, Valentine’s Day Massacre at the Paramount in Huntington; featured on this card is rising prospect Alan Gotay. So far Gotay (7-0 3KO’s), a boxer-puncher; has kept his “O” intact, fans cheering his name, and opponents disappointed as he has found a way to defeat everyone he has faced. For his next assignment Gotay will engage in a six round match at the lightweight limit against Carl McNickles (8-4 6KO’s). His dream is to slowly build success with his pugilist craft, if he is victorious his star power will grow and he will become a major part in the boxing renaissance currently taking place in Long island, NY.

Tha Boxing Voice was able to sit down with the 23 year old fighter during preparations for his next bout, and we were able to get an interview with him to introduce him to the fans, catch up with his current plans, and paint a picture of his future.


TBV: How did you first get into boxing?

AG: “I started boxing pretty much because I was always interested in it and I wanted to get into something different I always had my eye on it, my grandfather was a fighter and my father used to do it. I was getting into some bad ways when I was younger and it was a way out for me.”

TBV: Where do you currently train out of? And who makes up your team?

AG:”I train out of Westbury Boxing Gym. My team is made out of my head trainer Joe Gadigian, Scott Lopeck who is my assistant trainer, my manager is Pete Brodsky along with my co-manager which is my mother Leticia Gotay and my promoter is Joe DeGuardia’s Star Boxing.”

TBV: Last time we were able to cover one of your bouts was in May 2013 against Bryan Acaba, it was a very entertaining back and forth fight but in the end you were able to stop him in the final round. How were you able to dig down deep and put an end to that fight?

AG: “Well I mean I had seen him fight a couple months before and that was the only footage they had on him and I knew at the weigh in leading up to the fight, I’m not a known fighter or anything like that but I knew he wasn’t going to have any respect and he thought he could beat me. Who am I to this sport right now? I’m a nobody. My will to win…I know what I’m fighting for at the end of the day and I know how hard I push myself and I’ve always pushed myself to the limits and I knew I pushed myself and I had no regrets…I let it all out and left nothing in the ring that night.”

TBV: Do you usually watch tapes of the guys you are fighting?

AG: “I try to do that, since I’ve started my career that hasn’t been much footage on the other fighters but at the end of the day I’m always focused and concentrated on being a better me as opposed to my opponent. I really truly believe that if I focus on my own skills and do what I know I can, that it will be enough to prevail at the end of the day.”

TBV: Right now they have your next bout on February 14th at the Paramount in Long Island against a fighter by the name of Carl McNickles (8-4 6KO’s). What if anything can you tell us about him?

AG: “He fought my stable mate Cletus Seldin almost a year and a half ago, he got stopped in the second round and that was his last fight. I heard he’s from Chicago, there’s very little footage on him but he’s tough, rugged and he’s a natural lightweight so I’m expecting a better, quicker version than when he fought Cletus Seldin and I’m expecting a guy that’s not going to have any respect for me and come to take what I want.”

TBV: How do you become better and quicker, what is your training regimen like?

AG: “I’ve been blessed and given the opportunity that I can train full time and I train two to three times a day between cardio, strength training, and boxing conditioning. I devote my life to this sport and I have the opportunity now to take full advantage of it and at the end of the day I know if you don’t have the skills then the guy who shows up mentally and physically prepared can win. So I devote all my time to training.”

TBV: All but one of your fights has taken place at The Paramount which means you usually fighting in front of your hometown fans and supporters, what does that mean to you?

AG: “You know it’s great, like I said I’ve been given the chance and the opportunity to fight. It’s great for the fans, great for the town and the local neighborhood; it’s great for long island. We have to drum up business we’re not only long island kids we want to be known and I believe the Paramount is a great venue to get it started.”

TBV: Outside of boxing what other things are you in to? How do you spend time between fights when you’re not training?

AG: “Outside of boxing for fun in the wintertime I love to go skiing, I’ve been skiing since I was 2 years old; I used to compete nationally at an Olympic level. Skiing has always been one of my passions, I love to do it, I also love working on cars. I just enjoy hanging out and relaxing on my down time and just go with the flow, anything that comes my way I like to do.”

TBV: At the moment you have built up a 7-0 undefeated record with 3 knock out wins, what does 2014 hold for you?

AG: “2014 I mean I just want to continue the run that I’ve been on from 2012-2013 it’s all been moving pretty quickly and I want some good opportunities for exposure and to get my name out there. Hopefully by the end of 2014 I’ll be fighting for a local title or state title of some sort.”

TBV: What would you like to say to your fans and supporters? The people who will be watching you live February 14th?

AG: “To my family, my friends, everyone out there, I’m grateful to be in the position that I’m in, to be able to put on a show for you guys and I hope you continue to support me. I have the best family, the best friends, the best fans and they’ll be behind me 100%.”

TBV: Where can everyone stay up to date with you, what are your social media contacts?

AG: I’m currently in the process of getting my own website set up which will be www.AlanGotay.com and I also have a Facebook account Alan Gotay, on Instagram at AGotay25 and twitter @AlanGotay as well, thanks guys.