Q and A With Prospect Gary Kopas From Saskatchewan


Gary Kopas is a Canadian prospect with a newfound dedication to the sport that he loves so much. He has dabbled a bit in MMA but boxing is where his heart is at and he has plenty to fight for. Gary is a family man who also trains his twelve year old son. He has an upcoming fight on the “Double Jeopardy” card on May 31st in Edmonton, Alberta. Gary took some time away from his training to do a Q and A with us.

Julio Garcia: Hi Gary. How are you today?

Gary Kopas: Not too bad thanks.

JG: What was your amateur career like? I heard you had over 200 fights.

GK: It’s more like 150 or so. I won a lot of golden glove titles, Canada games, and represented this wonderful country in a few international tournaments.

JG:  Your career has started off a bit rocky but you seem to have improved since your last defeat when you avenged that loss. What has changed?

GK: Well I took a lot of fights without being prepared properly and have given up a lot of weight (no excuses). I am not the best at saying no to a fight (laughing). Being from Sask, I take what I can get. As well as getting great coaching at Nelsons boxing (Chad Selkirk), I make trips to Regina and work with Wesley Sunshine who has helped me a lot with boxing and not just slugging.

JG: I heard besides boxing, you have done MMA correct?

GK: Just some amateur stuff here in Sask. Just did it to fight in Saskatoon so friends and family could come watch and get together for a good time. I barely trained for it and kept on winning. I won the belt and started putting the time into train and decided that I might as well go back to boxing because that is what I really love. I was 7-0 6 by TKO or tap out.

JG: So you have done boxing and MMA. Which sport is more demanding?

GK: The MMA was more of a dare that went for seven fights. The wrestling aspect is a much different workout. I never considered myself an MMA guy but more of a street fighter style that learned a couple submissions. But I would say boxing because, I have spent more time doing it.

JG:  How is training for you fight going?

GK: Training is going great. Its tough juggling family, work, and boxing but it’s worth it.

JG:  You are moving down in weight for this fight correct?

GK: I am moving down to 175 from my last couple of fights, yes.

JG:  Do you think moving down will affect you much?

GK: Fighting at 175 won’t be a problem. I am naturally 180. It’s only going to make me faster and stronger not carrying around the extra pounds.

JG: Is the weight coming off easily? What are you doing different than your normal routine to lose the extra weight?

GK: The weight is coming off nicely.

JG:  What do you know about your opponent and what danger does your opponent possess?

GK: Well I seen a couple videos of him and see he is a decent boxer. I don’t see a lot of danger as long as I fight my fight.

JG:  I heard besides being a boxer you are also a trainer, correct?

GK: Yes, I also coach at Nelson Boxing club.

JG:  How does it feel to be on the other end?

GL: It feels great. I get a lot of joy teaching and seeing boxers develop into something they never thought they would on their first day walking into the gym. Not only that, it gives me more time with my 12 year old son that has been boxing for a year now.

JG: Do you plan on fighting a couple more times this year?

GK: I plan on fighting 7 or 8 times this year. I have my fourth fight of the year signed for June 22nd so I am on track.

JG: Your last two fights were literally a month and two days away from each other. What prompted you to fight twice in such a short time?

GK: Well I decided to fight as much as I can in this next year so I am taking every opportunity I can to fight.

JG: What can we look forward to from you in the future?

GK: Well I plan on picking up some wins this year and taking nothing for granted.

JG: Do you have a final message for boxing fans?

GK: I would just like to thank my family and friends and Candace Epp Photography for always supporting me. Also, I hope to make a few more fans this year with some exciting fights………

JG: Thank you and good luck on your fight and your future.