Q & A with Showtime’s Steve Farhood


farhood250I was fortunate enough to cover the fights last Saturday evening in Cincinnati. While I was there, I took the opportunity to ask Showtime commentator and expert boxing analyst (Steve Farhood) if I can get a quick interview and he graciously excepted.


BV: What did you think of Broner’s performance tonight and what do you think the future holds for him?


SF:  Well, I think the future’s bright.  This was his most impressive performance in his last three fights.  The fight was pretty close. I thought Taylor fought great. Much better than I thought he was capable of for six rounds.  Second half of the fight, Taylor lost his ability to come forward and pressure Broner.  So Broner took over and I gave him every round in the second half of the fight except for the 11th .  So to end the fight the way he (Broner) did with the knockdown 15 seconds before the final bell that’s important, because I think that’s what people will remember. It was an emphatic win for Broner I think he looks good and I’d love to see him fight Matthysse like he said he wants to.


BV:  What do you think of Andre Berto’s performance tonight and what do you think the future holds for him?


SF:  Well, Berto’s a big name. So, he’ll get more big fights. The most important thing for him is that he showed us that he’s sound physically and that he got through a ten round fight looking good without getting hurt and adding more injuries.  He’s starting over and I think he’ll certainly get big fights because he’s an action fighter and a big name.


BV:  Last but not least, what’s your prediction for Mayweather vs. Maidana? I know a lot of people want to know that.


SF:  Well, I hope it’s a good fight.  I don’t make predictions on fights that I’m working because I score the fights.  So I don’t want anybody to say ‘Oh you said this,’ but Floyd has a lot to prove.  He has to prove that he still has the legs to box.  I think that we’d all agree that if Floyd Mayweather is still Floyd Mayweather he probably beats Maidana by out boxing him.  But Maidana is going to bring it again, and he has the confidence that he might not have had knowing that he can compete with Mayweather, so it should be a very interesting re-match.


BV:  Thank you very much Steve, I appreciate it.