Quick Hits: Bailey To Alexander, “Hurry Up And Send The Contract So You Can Go To Sleep”

    (June 8, 2012 – Source: Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images North America)

    Fresh off his knockout victory over Mike Jones, Randall “KO King” Bailey wanted to waste no time in cashing in on his big upset. Lined up for the IBF Welterweight champion is Devon Alexander on a September 8th Showtime date.

    In speaking with Devon Alexander earlier this week, he seemed ripe and ready for the clash while the details were being hashed out. Bailey however is eager and anxious. “I’m ready for the fight but damn, where’s the contract? Let’s hurry up with the paperwork Team Alexander and send that damn paperwork so we can make it official,” Bailey told ThaBoxingVoice.com.

    Bailey has one punch power in his right hand that some have compared to the great Julian Jackson. Alexander stated he’s ready and waiting for Bailey’s powerful right hand and his title. Bailey responded by saying, “Tell him to wait on that right hand because it’s coming. Everyone says they ready for that right hand until they get touched with it. Once you get touched you going to sleep. Jackson Bonsu people said the same sh*t. Mike Jones people said the same sh*t, and what happen, they went to sleep.”

    One of the biggest details in the fight that is still left to be decided is the location of the fight. Alexander is a proven draw in his hometown of St. Louis and when the fight was first announced, people were seemingly choosing the Lou as a location. Bailey has different plans. “I’m not going to fight him in the Lou, why would I go there? Ain’t nothing to do there. Ask him this question, does he really want me to beat his ass in his hometown;  o after I knock him out, people in his hometown going to forget about him,” said Bailey. “If I had to pick a location for me, I want to go back to Vegas.”

    Alexander had mentioned also that he hopes this fight has some sort of random drug testing. Bailey concurred and said, “I don’t mind getting tested. Anything he wants with testing, I’m with it. This is all God’s gift right here.”

    Even though according to Bailey, the fight isn’t officially signed, the war of words between both camps is heating up. Bailey wanted to leave on a high not and stated, “I want to see how much sh*t they got to say once the fight is signed (laughed). Hurry it up and sign it. To Kevin Cunningham, tell him I said high, and that’s that.”