Quillin “stronger than ever” as he prepares to face Jacobs


Daniel Jacobs and Peter QuillinThe middleweight showdown tomorrow night between Daniel Jacobs (30-1, 27 KOs) and Peter Quillin (32-0-1, 23 KOs) is being labeled as “The Battle for Brooklyn” and has the potential to be an exhilarating fight. This week, we caught up with former middleweight champ Peter “Kid Chocolate” Quillin and asked him about his training camp in Miami, his team, and  how he felt heading into possibly the biggest fight of his career thus far.


Quillin specifically spoke about the new member of his team Angel “Memo” Heredia. Quillin had nothing but praise for his entire team. When asked how he was feeling physically and Heredia’s impact, Quillin stated,


“I feel actually stronger, I feel mentally strong as well. Some of the things he was doing, the exercises that were sports specific to boxing: I never did it before. We swam laps, we ran track every day. So this is what I was doing.”


Peter continued to explain how he now has a strength trainer, a track coach, a chef, and Angel “Memo” Heredia, who he says played a role in all of it. Quillin comfortably made weight today at 159 pounds, and looks to be in terrific shape, so it seems like his new regime is working.


Quillin was also asked about his opinion on the Jacobs game plan for the fight most likely being to box him from the outside and keep him at a distance with the jab, but also the fact that many think Peter may have the power to knockout Jacobs with a single shot.


“A lot of people do have a plan of doing what he’s exactly doing but I’ve been in there with guys..Hassan N’Dam and Andy Lee. Those were guys who had a lot of amateur pedigree, but let me tell you something: this is the pro game. I made it to the level where a lot of guys with good amateur records, didn’t make it to.”


Peter continued to say that Jacobs at one point is going to have to get hit in the face and was going to be forced to brawl, something many believe Jacobs is not very skilled at. Quillin did not have much of an amateur background compared to a guy like Daniel Jacobs, who was a Golden Gloves champion back in his days as an amateur boxer.


It seems as if “Kid Chocolate” carries this as a chip on his shoulder, as most top level boxers were top amateur boxers as well. Quillin also was asked if he was going to pick up the pace and be more aggressive.


The former champ confidently stated that he would be moving forward during this fight and would celebrate afterwards. Finally, when asked with a win Saturday night, if he would be mentioned among the best middleweights in the world, Quillin exclaimed what any other former champ would.


“Yes…and right now I’m top three, top four in the world. So, were just going to keep adding on every time we step out there.”


The man known as “Kid Chocolate” will put it all on the line Saturday night on Showtime, and will try to possess a WBA regular belt, but more importantly: bragging rights, and a spot towards the top of the middleweight division.