Ramirez “I pick Mayweather but there’s a possibility Pacquiao can win the fight.”




Floyd Mayweather Jr vs Manny Pacquiao appears ready to totter finally over the precipice of uncertainty and into a gleaming pool of confirmation. Nothing is officially confirmed and unwelcome rumblings of Mayweather perhaps opting for a rematch with WBC middleweight champion Miguel Cotto instead of his longstanding Filipino foe. The fans are left in limbo as to the status of proceedings.

California-based trainer and manager Henry Ramirez (HRamirezBoxing) spoke with Fernando Pimental (@Fern_323) on whether he believes the fight has finally been made.

“I hope so I already book the room [chuckles]. Na, I hope man like everybody else. I think it’s been dangled to the boxing public and boxing people, but at some point make the damn fight man, get it done.”

Sentiments shared by everyone I’m certain, and the reasons he lists for it needing to happen are likewise familiar to anyone following this unwelcome saga.

“It’s the biggest fight in the history of the sport, the two best fighters of this generation. Obviously it’ll be a blockbuster as far as the financial aspect of it and it’s a fight that needs to happen you know, and if it doesn’t I think we can look back with some blame to both guys. I think now they’re saying that the hold-up is the networks. Hopefully, it happens.”

We may as well leave a blank space in future print for whatever newfound reason is put forward for delaying this fight because at this point it hardly matters. It will be a travesty if this match isn’t made, the prospect of it is too tantalising, and Ramirez is making the smart pick should the pair decide to get it on.

“I pick Mayweather by decision. But look let’s be honest, is it so out of the realms of possibility that Pacquiao can win the fight? No man these are the two best fighters of this generation you know. I still think Mayweather’s gonna win but if Manny is to somehow rise up and win I wouldn’t be surprised.”

I hope we all get to see whether this or any other prediction turns out to be true, but you just never know. Until the opposite corner across from Mayweather is confirmed as occupied for May 2nd, none of us know.