Randy Caballero Excited To Put Nicaragua On The Map In Front Of His Hometown Fans


This year we’ve witnessed the progression of many top prospects. Randy Caballero is in any sane person’s prospect to watch list. Randy Caballero will return home Jan. 11 at Fantasy Springs Casino as part of a fight card on Showtime’s “ShoBox” series that features “The New Generation” of boxing. He’s been a permanent fixture on both the series and Fantasy Springs for some time now.


Fighting in front of your hometown definitely gives a boxer added confidence and a relaxed environment that can translate into spectacular performances. “It doesn’t matter to me where I’ll fight; in any arena, it doesn’t matter,  the arena.  Once you step inside that ring, it’s the same thing, in the same spot, with a fighter coming at you to fight you and rip your head off. I don’t care what arena it’s at, I’m there to fight you and put on a good performance, “Caballero stated.


Elements that come into to play when creating a star in the sport of boxing are few but important, if not crucial. Drawing power has to be top on that list; something Caballero hasn’t had much trouble with especially not in Fantasy Springs. Fantasy Springs Special Events Center was built in 2004; the arena has a seating capacity of 1,550. It’s a perfect place to see a fight. It’s small enough that anywhere you sit you have a good view of the boxing ring and the fighters. “It is my hometown Fantasy Springs [Resort Casino]. I live probably about 5 minutes away from that arena. It’s a little drive for me to get there. Just being home with my family and friends, my fans that are out here to support me, you know I thank them for everything, they are what’s gotten me to where I’m at. All that support makes me move forward in the sport; makes me hungry to make it somewhere and become someone and like I said, I thank them all for that,” Caballero expressed.


When we think of boxing and Nicaraguan fighters the first name to jump to mind is Ricardo Mayorga. Randy Caballero is of Nicaraguan decent but has no intentions on riding the shirt tales of Mayorga. He’s looking to create his own legacy. “He was a good fighter some people may have their differences on what they’re opinion of him is. To me he was a nice guy from what I’ve heard but in times he could be a jerk. Like I said I’m trying to build myself I’m not trying to follow anyone else’s path, I’m trying to be myself in the sport that’s what you got to do. Make a name for yourself not anybody else.” Caballero said.


Bullfighting is part of Latin American culture. Nicaragua holds fiestas primarily where bullfighting can be seen. So it’s no surprise that Caballero adapted the name “El Matador” which translates to the killer or a bullfighter. Perfect name for boxer don’t you think? Well a bullfighter must be skillful, elusive, and agile; these ability’s would allow you to conquer the bull. In boxing your bull is your opponent and Caballero hasn’t had any problems defeating his adversaries. “It was a nickname that was given to me training inside this gym just over the time. A lot of people might think that’s it because of [Ricardo] Mayorga (born March 10, 1973 in Granada, Nicaragua Is a Nicaraguan professional boxer.) I’m from Nicaragua and me getting the same nickname it’s not that at all, it’s just a nickname that was given to me. We were in the gym onetime and one of the guys out here just says to me you know what? “El Matador”, you just remind me of El Matador and I was like you know what? It’s really catchy. It stuck with me and stayed with me throughout my career so far,” Caballero explained.


So “El Matador” has two definitions, both fitting and perfect for Caballero, so which one is it? “Either one, to me it doesn’t matter. We thought about one time walking into the ring with the El Matador uniform that they use. I think it’d be really interesting to pump up the crowd, something different, give something for the fans to see besides the performance put inside that ring,” Caballero said.


Jan 11 will mark Caballero’s 11th fight at Fantasy Springs Resort Casino and while there’s no opponent set, it doesn’t matter who’s across from him come fight night. He has determination and dedication on completing his goal of becoming the next Nicaraguan champion. “Nicaragua has so many great fighters, my dad’s from there; they have great fighters out there. I met a lot of great fighters and I’m just proud to walk out with that flag. I’m not full Nicaraguan, my dad’s from there, I was born here but to know that my blood has Nicaraguan in, it I’m proud.”



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