Randy Caballero Injury Update


Randy-Caballero_GrossRandy Caballero was supposed to have his first title defense last Friday in his backyard at the Fantasy Spring Resorts in Indio, California. However, a foot injury postponed the defense. Caballero had long been a staple of the venue, and it was disappointing for the young fighter, to say the least.

His foot surgery is scheduled for Wednesday according to Eric Gomez of Golden Boy Promotions.

“He has a nonmalignant tumor in the heel of his foot,” Golden Boy Promotions vice-president Eric Gomez told ESPN.com. “It was causing him much pain and finally caused him to stop training.”

Caballero will likely be sidelined for four months likely, and his return to his home venue might have to wait.

Caballero wanted a title defense because as he feels, “The big fights are coming soon.” Usually, those big fights take place in bigger venues. But after traveling to Japan and then Monte Carlo to win his world title, Fantasy Springs, and Caballero will likely get its homecoming, just a little later than expected.