Ranking This Weekend’s Fights


Lucas Matthysse - Viktor PostolMuch like with anything in the sport of boxing, sometimes the sport gets in its own way. This weekend is an example of that. Although the main supplier of boxing for the last two months was the PBC fights, the two premium networks gave us little to nothing.

HBO and Showtime return this weekend with two solid cards that will run almost simultaneously cutting each other’s viewership and fan bases.

I for one though PBC should have taken advantage of HBO’s dark months with better-matched fights. But maybe they will strike next year since HBO takes summer months off. But I digress; here are the top fights of the weekend.

  1. Lucas Matthysse-Viktor Postol: Maybe it’s a little under the radar but Lucas Matthysse is in a tough fight this weekend against Postol. Matthysse for all his accomplishments and good fights has never won a world title. Postol is no slouch with wins over Hank Lundy and Selcuk Aydin, is a skilled boxer. Though Matthysse showed his boxing ability against Ruslan Provodnikov, he will be better served to make it a war against the lighter hitting Postol.
  2. Humberto Soto-Antonio Orozco: it’s probably the best fight of the weekend, a true crossroads fight. Orozco out to prove he’s more than a prospect and Soto wants one more crack at a world title. A victory for either would prove so. It should be a fight that will resonate with the lore of the Stub Hub Center.
  3. Jose Pedraza-Edner Cherry: Cherry is a tough and rugged as they come and if Pedraza gets through him, it proves he is legit. It is a fight that Cherry will try to drag out in a war but a fight Pedraza can win on the outside using his range and length. If it gets on the inside, look out.
  4. Adrien Broner-Khabib Allakhverdiev: Putting this fight at number 4 doesn’t mean that its not a good fight. The other 3 fights in my estimation are better, but it’s a solid fight nonetheless. Both guys are coming off losses and fighting for a world title. Complain all you want but if this was anyone other than Broner, would people be in such a bad mood about the title shot? Yeah it stinks but that’s boxing. Broner will not be up with a big puncher and should be able to get the win against Allakhverdiev who does not have the power to hurt the flatfooted boxer.