Raphael Murphy & Beibut Shumenov not enrolled in VADA per Don King’s request

    US box businessman Don King waves to the press after a meeting with Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega in Managua on August 02 2011. King is in Nicaragua to promote boxing. AFP PHOTO / Elmer MARTINEZ / AFP / ELMER MARTINEZ (Photo credit should read ELMER MARTINEZ/AFP via Getty Images)

    If the thought of a boxing card being put on by Don King Promotions this year seems too good to be true, it probably is. Yet he does have a card slated to take place (at least on paper) for January 29th. The last time Don King put on a card as a sole promoter was 2015. Since then he has had a few fighters appear on joint promotion cards but the work they get seems to be few and far between.

    The upcoming card is supposed to be headline by Raphael Murphy & Beibut Shumenov but a recent announcement by VADA via their official Twitter leaves one to wonder if the card will in fact take place.

    “Don King Promotions has asked VADA to not enter Raphael Murphy & Beibut Shumenov into our program at this time.”

    What is the reason for the fighters not being enrolled? Is it the cost itself? Perhaps someone may test dirty or is the event not going to go on? As of the time this was written there is no explanation for why King has asked this and until we know what’s going on we will be left in the dark.