Liam Williams to Chris Eubank Jr.: Put Up or Shut the F*** Up


    Liam Williams has had it in for Chris Eubank Jr. for quite some time. It bothered him the way Eubank treated people and spoken to people rubbed Williams the wrong way. 

    In 2019 when Williams defeated Alantez Fox he told Seconds Out that Eubank was a dick and he’d love to smash his head in. Fast forward to the present day and nothing has changed.

    Recently Eubank stated that a fight with Williams would be a tune-up just to keep him busy until a title shot comes his way. That statement did not go unnoticed by Williams.

    “So.. got Chris Eubank talking shit now.. finally knows who I am,” stated Williams via Twitter. “Put up or shut the fuck up… let’s get it on!”

    Fighting Eubank will be no easy task but Williams is confident he can handle the Brit.

    “No doubt. He’s a tough guy..  I’m pretty sure I will deal with the prick though.”