Ray Beltran wants Mikey Garcia

Beltran(left) Crawford(right)

Miguel “Mikey” Garcia returned to the ring on July 30th after a two-year hiatus from boxing due to issues with his former promoter Top Rank.  In his return, he fought at 140 pounds and looked good considering the amount of time he was away. Garcia stated he planned on fighting in the lightweight division and was hoping to get a crack at the WBO lightweight champion Terry Flanagan.

Should the fight not come to fruition this year, there are several other options in the division to keep Garcia busy including Rances Barthelemy, Anthony Crolla, Mickey Bey, Robert Easter Jr., and Felix Verdejo (once he is healed from his accident). There is another name that is not on that list that has an interest in fighting Garcia and that name is Ray Beltran.


Mikey Garcia(left) Guzman(right)
Mikey Garcia(left) Guzman(right)

Beltran sat atop of the lightweight division after losing to Ricky Burns, a fight that Beltran clearly won, until a decision loss to Terrence Crawford. Since then, Beltran has fought in the lightweight division, and in his last two bouts, has fought in the junior welterweight division. While there is nothing set for Beltran at the moment, he would love to get a crack at Garcia and says it would be a match-up of the two best lightweights in the world. It could be possible but politics are always involved in boxing, which could very well prevent any fight, including this one from happening.


“The only problem right now [getting a fight] is that all of the promoters are into politics and they are mad at each other,” Beltran told FightHype.com. “I think that’s bad for boxing because a lot of good fights can be made but it is what it is.” Beltran continued, “I wish I could fight Flanagan, Crolla, I don’t know who the champion is of the WBC but also I heard that Mikey Garcia is at lightweight. I would love to fight him. I believe he is the best guy besides me in the lightweight division.

“I think it would be a good fight. Would be a war. The only guy I respect in the lightweight division would be Mikey Garcia. He’s Solid. The other champions (scoffs).”

Should the two meet in the ring, it should be very entertaining and it would not even need a title to sell the fight. Garcia works very well handling guys that come to brawl or box. Beltran is very good at being the underdog and incurring damage on his opponents to the point of victory (or being robbed). Styles make fights and these two would pretty much guarantee fireworks.

Would Garcia be willing to work with Bob Arum? At this point, it would seem unlikely to happen but should Beltran be brought over to fight Garcia on any networks that broadcast the PBC fights then boxing fans are truly in for a treat, especially if it happened before the year’s end.