Raymondo Beltran “What made Marquez big is Manny Pacquiao?”


box_g_beltran_gb1_576Ray Beltran is a fighter’s fighter, always working and training even without a fight. In an interview with ESNews.com Beltran is seen preparing and sweating in the gym where he proclaims that Manny Pacquiao is a friend and a favorite fighter of his. He also mentions Brandon Rios as a favorite fighter of his.

“The guy is a crazy person in a good way and is passionate in boxing in a good way,” stated Beltran. “When he gets close, I like the way he fights on the inside.

I love the way he prepares and throws the uppercut from the inside.”
Brandon Rios’ trainer, Robert Garcia has mentioned that if he had a preference of opponent for Rios, it would be Juan Manuel Marquez. Beltran was asked about the possible matchup.

“I go for Brandon,” stated Beltran. “Nothing but respect for Marquez, he’s a great fighter. What made Marquez big is Manny Pacquiao? If Manny Pacquiao didn’t exist, he wouldn’t have the impact that he did.”

Beltran says that Marquez is vulnerable and a fresh in his prime fighter like Rios would give Marquez problems.

“He fought other fighters and at times he looked vulnerable,” stated Beltran. “He was in tough and yeah he won but a lot of fighters put him in trouble. He just has the right style for Pacquiao. If Rios fights him inside, he has a chance. Alvarado put Marquez in trouble, but he didn’t step on the gas. Marquez is not the same he used to be. He’s in his 40’s. He made his history. Why would you fight an up and coming fighter?”

Beltran says another possible opponent for Rios could give him more trouble.

“I think Victor Ortiz is more dangerous than Marquez for Rios. I think he’s more fresh.”