Raymundo Beltran On His Upcoming Fight With Ricky Burns And The Future


    Raymundo Beltran has come a long way in his career from being known mainly as a sparring partner to Manny Pacquiao to contender status and if everything goes well this September against Ricky Burns in Scotland, he will finally be recognized as a world champion.
    Beltran seems focused on the fight and is not discouraged about going overseas to take the title away from Burns. “I gotta get 100% ready. I am a fighter you know,” said Beltran.

    Ricky Burns did not impress many with his last ring performance but fighters always have off nights and Beltran is not going to write Burns off just because of one bad performance. “I gotta get ready for the best Ricky Burns.”

    So what does it take to travel long distance to a fighters home country to train and compete there. Will the different time zone affect him? “It doesnt bother me,” said Beltran. In regards to sparring partners there are plenty of options out there. “We are working on some different guys that can move around a lot, that can box and be aggressive so that we can have a little bit of everything you know.”

    Miguel Vasquez signed to fight Burns twice but the fight never went through. Vasquez has all the qualities needed for to help Beltran in training but it might never happen because Beltran could eventually wind up being an opponent for Vasquez. “If he (Miguel Vasquez) was down to help me out (for the fight) that would be cool.”

    The road was long and tough for Beltran but through hard work and determination he got himself to where he always wanted to be. “I thought the time was never going to come my way (for a title fight) . Things happen for a reason. Nobody ever wanted to give me a chance. I had to go out and get it. I am a real contender. Nobody made me but my team.” Beltran was most noted for being on HBO’s 24/7 series as a sparring partner for Manny Pacquiao. “Pacquiao helped put my name on the map.”

    Burns last fought and was outclassed in May by Jose Gonzalez from Puerto Rico who quit on his stool claiming a wrist injury. Even though Beltran has not seen the fight he states that would not happen with him. “When I fought Kim, I messed up my hand in the first round. I thought it was broke. I was still there. I dont care. I was still fighting. I had one hand left and I could win with my right hand. You gotta push it to the limit.”

    Fighting in an opponent’s back yard has proven many times to be a high risk. You could dominate the whole fight and still walk away the loser. Some fighters and champions refuse to leave home to defend their title, example Chris John. “They are kept at home so they can stay champion. If they look at me as just a contender they are making a mistake. You see my record, you see my fights, you can see my potential,” said Beltran. So what does he have to do to make sure he walks away the winner? “I have to go and beat the shit out of him. I wanna make sure that I really beat him clean and beat him good so that everybody knows (that I am the clear winner).”

    Even though Beltran earned his shot and was not handed a title some in the media feel he does not deserve to be where he is but that doesn’t bother him. “I don’t care. It doesn’t bother me. I don’t have time for that. I just focus on my training. I believe in myself.”

    Top Rank has future interest in matching Beltran with Terrence Crawford and it is a fight that Beltran has interest in. “I want to fight him. I want the tough fights.”


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