Results for Ring King’s NYABC Amateur Championship Card


Earl Newman JrThis past Saturday night at the UpSky Hotel in Hauppague, NY, Kristian Vasquez’s Ring King Promotions put on a thirteen bout amateur boxing card featuring top talent from the New York City area. With all the bouts considered NYABC Title bouts, all of the amateur boxers were ready to fight to not only win the title but the special Ronney “Venezuela” Vargas award given out to the most outstanding boxer of the night. On the brisk Saturday evening the venue was packed with family, friends and genuine boxing fans as action kicked off to start the event.

First of thirteen bouts was a 152lb Open Class title bout featuring Omowale “Black Panther” Adewale of Judah Bros. Boxing versus Edwin “Chico” Ortiz of Mendez Boxing. Both young fighters would start feeling each other out with jabs but Ortiz would press forward with hard right hands and hooks downstairs to edge the first stanza. Adewale would come out more aggressively in the second round landing a nice left hook that excited the crowd but “Chico” would work hard cutting off the ring to get back at his taller opponent, the tempo would continue in the last round as both guys seemingly even went for broke trying to score punches. In the end the judges came to a split decision with scores of 29-28 27-29 and 28-26 for Edwin “Chico” Ortiz.

In an entertaining 80lb Junior match scheduled for three one minute rounds, Jason Lella of Eye of The Tiger faced off with Jerome Cooper from an unattached boxing club. The young boys lacked in age but not in ferocity or experience as they both had a game plan they tried to employ, Lella at a distance with his longer reach and Cooper inside shooting combinations on the inside. The slightly shorter Cooper, fighting out of the red corner; would have the edge with the higher work rate as he out landed the shy Lella. The judges were in agreement at the end with a Unanimous Decision all in favor of Jerome Cooper with scores of 30-27 30-26 30-24.

The third bout of the evening was an entertaining scrap between 132lb open class fighters Kike “El Diablito” Bermudez of Atlas Cops & Kids and John “Hitman” Hernandez of Academy of Boxing. The three 2 minute rounds would unfold quickly as Hernandez tried to mall the taller Bermudez from the bell attacking with hooks downstairs and overhands hoping to catch Bermudez from the outside. Bermudez would not be overwhelmed however as he landed the more accurate punches with a good lead uppercut punctuating a lot of the close encounters, he was able to make his hard charging opponent miss and pay. At the end of the three furious rounds the judges awarded the more accurate punches over the pressure of Hernandez giving “El Diablito” the unanimous nod with scores of 30-25 30-27 and 30-24.

Making his return to the amateur ranks after taking some time off was popular 152lb Open class fighter “Pistol” Peter Dobson of Pop’s Gym against Beka Gubatashvilli of Bars Boxing in Brooklyn. Looking a bit rusty, Gubastashvilli was able to land his right hand over the first half of the first round but Dobson found his groove landing vicious body shots and uppercuts. Using his experience, Dobson was able to pull the trigger by dominating Gubastashvilli who had no answer for the mounting offense by the start of the third round. The two fighters would spend a lot of time holding as they both seemed tired but Dobson landed more punches that eventually earned him a split decision victory, judges scored the bout 25-30 29-28 and 29-26.

In one of the most anticipated matches of the night, Chris “B-Hop” Colbert of Atlas Cops & Kids took on heated rival Khalid Twaiti of Gleasons Gym in a rematch for the 112lb open class title. Nicknamed “B-Hop”, Colbert came out swinging from his southpaw stance and landed early on Twaiti who tried to angle out of harm’s way, the straight lefts and double right hooks would land for Colbert until Twaiti made the adjustment and stormed inside of Colbert’s defense. Using short shots on the inside it was a battle between the slick movements of Colbert versus the nonstop attack by Twaiti who was gunning for the win. Still trading shots on the ropes, Twaiti was able to outwork “B-Hop” in the last round as he seemed to tire over the final half, the judges would have a tough time coming up with a verdict. When the judges did come to a conclusion it was Khalid Twaiti who was announced the winner by split decision in front of a boisterous crowd with a tally of 29-28 27-29 and 30-27 going in favor of the Gleasons Gym fighter.

The 141lb Open Class NYABC Title would be determined in a fight between Jaquran “El Mejor” Hazel of Atlas Cops & Kids and Prince Slaughter from Freeport PAL. The much taller Hazel who fought out of a southpaw stance would have a hard time early on as Slaughter was able to wade in beyond his jab landing his own left hooks and generally being busier. Creating distance between the two fighters, Hazel would employ his jab to keep the aggressive Freeport fighter at bay while dancing out of any danger, Slaughter would switch to southpaw and land his own jab-hook combination but the reach was too much in the end. Judges scored a close unanimous decision in favor of “El Mejor” with scores of 28-27 28-27 and 29-28.

In a special 4 round Womens 141lb NYABC Title bout defending champion Bertha “Cuban Princess” Aracil took on Nisa Rodriguez of Mendez Boxing Gym. The southpaw Aracil used her southpaw jab and straight left to score early as Rodriguez missed the mark coming in, having her against the ropes Rodriguez would score but the more skilled Aracil had the answers and used a check hook to move her opponent. With a lot of fight left in her Rodriguez kept charging ahead but Aracil was too sharp and sometimes too strong as a straight left caused the referee to toll a standing 8 count on Rodriguez who came back fired up in the last round. The ladies would end the fight swinging for the fences but as the bell sounded to end the fight the judges and fans in attendance all agreed that the champion should keep her belt with a unanimous decision. Scores of 40-33 40-33 and 39-37 all favored the “Cuban Princess”.

The eighth fight of the night was between 141lb Masters division fighters Johnny “J-Sizzle” Schulz who made the trip from Strike Gym in Fort Lauderdale, Florida to take on defending NYABC Champion Robert “The People’s Champ” Vanacore of Fitness Through Boxing. In a very exciting fight Schulz would take it to the champ from the get go using a straight right and body shots to score while Vanacore danced around with a check hook and jab to back up the visitng fighter. The older men would trade in the middle of the ring for most of the fight with the ebb and flow going back and forth as well as the crowd cheering wildly. The last round would be the best as both guys stood their ground, Vanacore would shoot one-twos but get countered with hooks and overhands, Schulz ate some right hands that had the crowd yelling until the bell where they exchanged their final blows. In a tough fight to score a split decision victory was awarded to Johnny Schulz who lifts the title with scores of 30-25 30-27 28-29.

After a short intermission, 165lb boxers Alex Vargas of AVM Boxing in Bellport took on Fight Factory’s Kuanysh Niyazov. Niyazov would start with very fast jabs and right hands to land on the southpaw Vargas who would end up with a bloody nose by the end of the 1st round. The Brooklyn fighter would continue to dominate Vargas with left hooks on the outside and a straight right down the pipe on an opponent with no answers. With the fight slipping out of his hands Vargas made a last attempt to win and fought courageously throwing hard overhand lefts as Niyazov met him in close quarters but it would be too little too late. All three judges agreed that Niyazov was the winner as scores of 29-28 30-27 and 29-28 were read out to the audience.

In what was to many a main event of sorts, Heavyweight Open Class rivals Earl Newman Jr, the champion training out of Atlas Cops & Kids; took on the popular challenger “The King of New York” Mike Marshall from Starrett City Boxing. Having fought before, there would be no feeling out process as Marshall rushed forward to unload combination downstairs and through the guard on his larger opponent, Newman would try to push off with a stiff jab but Marshall would walk through to edge the first stanza. Having success early Marshall would try to fight from midrange but Newman would start to shoot sledge hammer rights upstairs after probing his opponent’s body with a hard jab, and overhand right staggers Marshall and an 8 count is tolled to stop the action momentarily. With the crowd split between both fighters they would go in to try to get the win but it would be the longer, stronger arms of Newman that used the right punches to keep Marshall at bay as they traded nonstop in what was the fight of the night. In the end however only one man would be awarded a victory and that would be the champion Earl Newman Jr. who also picked up the Outstanding Boxer of The Night award which was named in the honor of the late Ronney “Venezuela” Vargas.

Nearing the end of the night, 106lb Junior fighters Evan Ferreira of Win Or Die and Marquez Rhodes of Atlantic Veterans Memorial Boxing engaged in a back and forth fight. Both teens fought hard and tried to outbox the other but it always seemed that Ferreira would have his opponent’s number barely edging him in most rounds. The scores tallied in the end reflected how close the fight was as Ferreira was awarded the split nod with scores of 30-26 30-27 28-29.

In another Women’s title bout this time at the 123lb limit, Emily Colon of Glen Cove Boxing and Joanna Acevedo from an unattached gym engaged in a 4 round slug fest to much of the crowd’s enjoyment. It would be a game of cat and mouse as Colon jabbed and check hooked her way out of the on-rushing Acevedo’s way but at times would trade inside to deal out more damage. Trading hooks on the inside Colon would look the sharper and stronger of the two being able to push Acevedo back as she tried her hardest to land something significant. At the end of the four rounds it was clear that Colon was the smarter boxer as Acevedo could only really try to plow through her opponent, scores all favored Emily Colon who took the win with a nod of 39-36 39-35 and 39-37.

In the sole stoppage of the night, Tim Dougherty of Win Or Die stopped Kessler Dabel of Rockaway Ropes in the second round of a Heayweight Contenders Title match. Dougherty started slow but measured until he was able to land a strong left hook to drop Dabel as he followed up with a barrage to force the stoppage at 2:24 of the second round.

Overall Kristin Vasquez of Ring King Promotions was able, with his team; to put on a great show for fight fans that applauded loudly for every match in the very professional styled event in its 9th consecutive year.